Lilly Mulligan moves to 5th All-Time

Maria Carrillo’s Lilly Mulligan has moved up the list again leaving ONLY four vaulters left to past and she is only a freshman.

Watch the 11-9 vault
More photos from video below.

Last month I had this story about her.
Lilly Mulligan looks to be the next queen of the vault

On August 8th with with only 8 days left on this season Mulligan and five others went to the Sky Jumpers Pole Vaulting contest in Atascadero, CA.
Mulligan improved her freshman record by an inch and is now 5th All-Time.

Girls All-Time Pole Vault
12-3 Michelle Stone, Cardinal Newman #1 2010, was Ursuline
12-0½ Siobhan Anderson, Maria Carrillo #1 2012
12-0½ Danielle Steffen, Petaluma #1 2012
11-10 Helen Ann Haun, Healdsburg #1 2013
11-9 Lily Mulligan, Maria Carrillo #2 2020
11-8 Emely Flores, Santa Rosa #1 2004
11-6 Melissa Adams, Rancho Cotate #1 2003
11-6 Isabel Garon, Sonoma Valley #1 2016
11-3 Ashley Lennon, Petaluma #2 2001
11-2½ Shail Pec-Crouse, Santa Rosa #2 1998

Five other locals joined Mulligan in the vaulting competition.

Edgar Irizarry cleared 13-7.
Irizarry cleared 14-3 for Casa Grande in 2014.

Hunter Wagner cleared 13-1.
Wagner cleared 13-7 for Montgomery in 2018.

Sophomore Aiden Knebel of Maria Carrillo cleared a new personal best at 12-7.

Allison Kapustka of Rincon Valley Middle School, a 7th Grader, cleared 8-0, last meet she went 8-6 which is the best for that grade level I know of.

Andi Fogg is still technically a 6th grader going into Rincon Valley Middle School soon.
She had a personal best jump of 7-0.