Mallon girls take wins at Rock ‘n’ Roll

Three Mallons too part at the Rock ‘n’ Roll-Arizona races Jan 14, 2024.

Siena Mallon

Siena Mallon had a wish for her birthday to run a half marathon.
Not many parents could do this but her mom, Julia, paced her through it.
Siena, 7th grader at Rincon Valley Middle School, ran 1:41:24 to win the girls 12-14 age division. Not sure how hard Julia had to go seeing she has a 1:17:08 best from 2013.
Next behind Siena in that age group was world triathlon record holder Ariana Dinu in 1:43:48.

Ashlin Mallon

Sister Ashlin used the 5k event for a little training run, not only winning her age division but was the first female finisher overall.