NBL Finals Pole Vault Average winning height

        Boys       Girls
2020’s  12-1.3     11-5, 2 of 3 are Lily Mulligan
2010’s  12-7.2      9-11
2000’s  13-4.4      9-7.8
1990’s  12-4.8      9-3.6, First year of girls vault was 1995.
1980’s  12-9.5
1970’s  13-5.0

In 2019 the NBL finals expanded to include more teams.
NBL boys meet record was 12-1¼ back in 1936, probably on bamboo pole.
The 1978 El Cerrito Relays was one of the larger Invitationals in Northern California. There were 33 vaulters in the Varsity division.

The First Pole Vault Poles
Technique’s revolution in Pole Vault

Yes I’ve vaulted into a sawdust pit and with a bamboo pole. Worst part was the heavy triangular medal cross bars that would hit you in the head after you landed if you missed.