NBL track athletes might have tougher time making NCS Regional meet now

NBL coaches have been dialoging about proposals to bring before the NCS to make sure that our area would not be short changed in the qualifying process moving from the league finals on to the NCS Redwood meet with all the realignment going on.
Remember that the new NBL referred to are the 12 NBL/SCL schools minus our 3 southern ones.
It was looking like they were hoping to convince the NCS to set up qualifying with one of two proposals.
One was based on how many schools were in each league and would give the larger leagues more automatic entries that looked like this

League	# schools  Entries to Regionals
NBL	12	   7
MCAL	9	   5
VVAL	7	   3
HDNL	5	   2
+ 7 at-large = 24 total entries

This would give the NBL 7 guaranteed with the possibility of 14.

The other proposal hoped for gave each league 2 automatic and would look like this
Entries to Regionals
NBL Oak 2
NBL Redwood 2
+ 14 at-large = 24 total entries

This would give the NBL 4 guaranteed with the possibility of 18.

Apparently none of us knew the NCS already had a meeting back on April 3, 2018 that decided the qualifiers.
The minutes shown on the link below show all that happened and I have pulled out the two votes on track that most affect us.
Looks like the NBL was represented by the Ukiah and Elsie Allen principles in the voting.

NCS minutes from April 3, 2018 meeting

H. Proposal for Redwood Empire Area meet Entries
PASSED 41-0 (Slide 9)
Motion to approve proposal of the Sports Advisory Committee’s adjustment to the Redwood Empire Area Meet entries.
The number of qualifiers per each event by league for the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Redwood Empire Track & Field Championships will be as follows:
HDNL 4 entries
MCAL 4 entries
NBL was 4 entries then 5 entries finished at 6 entries
VVAL 4 entries
*Plus the next best 6 marks from all 4 league championships.
Lower Lake – Lower Lake shall compete in the Coastal Mountain Conference’s league qualifying track and field meet. When a Lower Lake athlete(s) place(s) in the top four (4) of the CMC meet, he/she qualifies (up to three entrants per event as stated in the NFHS Track & Field Rules, 4-2-4c on page 24) to the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Redwood Empire Track & Field Championships.

This means the NBL will get 6 guaranteed with the possibility of 12.
No decision has been made yet about how those 6 spots will be divided between the Oak division and the Redwood one.

I don’t believe the NBL coaches are going to be very happy with this outcome.
HDNL should be thrilled.

Here is a break down of which league in the boys from the top 8 at NCS MOC came from out of the Redwood Empire regionals in 2018.
NBL 11, SCL 2

Here are the 4th place marks from the 2018 league finals from MCAL & HDNL with Justin Siena marks taken out because they have changed leagues.

       MCAL     HDNL     MCAL     HDNL
       Boys     Boys     Girls    Girls
100    11.54    12.15    13.51    13.23
200    23.22    24.72    27.66    27.23
400    53.06    54.14    64.96    63.50    
800    2:02.17  2:13.03  2:27.15  2:44.76
1600   4:23.81  4:40.22  5:09.91  5:50.63   
3200   9:50.58  10:52.09 12:05.27 13:20.54
High's 16.71    17.08    17.69    17.46     
300's  44.69    45.09    50.72    52.66
400R   45.44    46.79    52.30    55.62     
1600R  3:38.67  3:47.16  4:27.42  5:00.13
HJ     6-0      5-6      4-4      4-6       
PV     10-0     8-6      7-6      only 3 
LJ     18-6     18-10    14-9     14-5
TJ     38-5     38-8     32-10    30-3      
SP     39-6     35-0     28-4     31-1      
DT     117-9    106-4    90-2     103-6     

A second item of impact on the NBL is that a process has begun to move St Vincent high, population 247, into the NBL from the CMC league starting in 2020.
Last school year they only fielded a boys cross country team that was 4th out of 4 teams in the NCL II finals, no girls and no track individuals at all.

Conference Alignment of schools for the 2020-2024 Alignment Cycle
26-17 (Slide 10)
Motion to approve the 2020-2024 Conference Alignment. One school has requested moving from the Coastal Mountain Conference to the Marin-Sonoma-Mendocino Conference, St. Vincent de Paul, Petaluma.
Each conference approved the movement of St. Vincent de Paul High School from the Coastal Mountain Conference to the Marin-Sonoma-Mendocino Conference. Below is the vote by Conference:

Coastal Mountain Conference
Yes – 16
No – 0
Abstain – 0

Marin-Sonoma-Mendocino Conference
Yes – 8
No – 4
Abstain – 1

Attachment V
Motion: Phil Tomasini
Second: Rianne Pfaltzgraf