NCS Girls 3200m is unreal

This years NCS MOC girls 3200m race could be one for the ages.
Currently 7 of the top 16 girls in the State are all from the NCS.
The top four girls in the NCS are also ranked in the top 5 in the Nation.
At MOC only the top three will automatically qualify to state but anyone in that race who also breaks 10:35.12 will also get to go on.
Better plan on cranking out 79.39 second laps if you want to make it to state this year.

CA State Womens 3200 Meter rankings
1st 10:13.20 Rylee Bowen (10) Sonoma Academy (NC) Arcadia 4/09/16, 4th at NCS in 2015 10:44.88
3rd 10:19.97 Brooke Starn (12) Monte Vista (NC) Arcadia 4/09/16
4th 10:20.58 Morgin Coonfield (12) McKinleyville (NC) Arcadia 4/09/16
5th 10:24.59 Megan McCandless (12) Granada (NC) Arcadia 4/09/16
11th 10:40.60 Glennis Murphy (11) Redwood (NC) Arcadia 4/09/16
13th 10:41.80 Kiera Marshall (11) St. Joseph -NC Arcadia 4/09/16
16th 10:45.57 Meredith Corda (11) Monte Vista (NC) Dublin Distance Fiesta 3/19/16

33rd 10:51.77 Delaney White, 12, Santa Rosa, NBL leader; 4/8 Arcadia, 9th at NCS in 2015 10:58.42

Meet Record Cheri Williams, Livermore H.S. 10:06.30 1978