NCS MOC At large Qualifications

The top three in each event at MOC qualify for the State meet.
But even if you are not in the top three but in the final have a mark that reaches the State At large mark you still get to go to state.
Below shows the At large mark for these events and shows Redwood Empire athletes who have reached that mark in 2023.
As an example if Thomsen wanted to she could cruise, for her, at a 10:20 3200 pace in that event and know that even if she were not in the top three she still goes on.
The high jump and pole vault should have the At large marks as part of the progression on jumps, meaning as soon as Fifer clears 6-5 he knows he is moving on.

High Jump 6-05
6-06.00 Nathan Fifer, 12, Montgomery

1600 4:52.85
4:46.03 Hanne Thomsen, 10, Montgomery

3200 10:29.56
9:55.31 Hanne Thomsen, 10, Montgomery

High Jump 5-05
5-08.00 Alexis Hunt, 12, Maria Carrillo

Pole Vault 12-03
12-08 Lily Mulligan, 12, Maria Carrillo