Someone asked me if Owen Foley’s win at MOC was the first one ever for Analy. Had to tell them Analy has won 24 times since the first NCS Championship back in 1915.
Only Santa Rosa 41 and Montgomery 31 have more wins with Hanne Thomsen’s fourth win this year.
Hanne Thomsen’s MOC wins
2022 10:23.82 3200
2023 4:51.77 1600
2023 10:30.40 3200
2024 10:16.66 3200

Cardinal Newman upped their total to 12 with Maria Carrillo at 7, with Puma’s winning one of their two this year in a race with no other competitors in the race.
Thomsen will probably have a chance to up her total to 6 next year but that would still trail Montgomery’s Sara Bei who won seven times.
Sara Bei’s wins
1998 10:41.72 3200
1999 4:55.58 1600
1999 10:28.75 3200
2000 4:49.09 1600
2000 10:33.14 3200
2001 4:46.17 1600
2001 10:17.14 3200

Thomsen currently trails Cardinal Newman coach Brian Chase who had 5 wins
1995 58-2¼ Shot Put
1996 57-11 Shot Put
1996 167-1 Discus throw
1997 58-7½ Shot Put
1997 167-6 Discus throw

and Julia Stamps who had four for Santa Rosa and one for Rincon Valley Jr. High
1994 10:28.49 3200
1995 10:19.91 3200
1996 10:13.7 3200
1997 4:42.79 1600
1997 J10:19.51 3200

Thomsen is tied with Sonoma Valley’s Mindy Wiley
2003 5-10 High Jump
2004 5-6 High Jump
2005 5-11 High Jump
2006 5-6 High Jump

El Molino’s Sharon Polley
1986 12.59 100
1987 25.53 200
1988 26.44 200
1988 12.48 100

and Santa Rosa’s Wayne Weeks
1915 45-2 Shot Put
1915 112-8 Discus throw
1916 48-10½ Shot Put
1916 117-3½ Discus throw

How about the Empire’s most successful events?
Topping the list is the high jump which we have won 30 times.
Next is pole vault (26), 1600 (25), long jump (23) and shot (21).
Our bottom events include the standard relays which we have never won but have won the 880y Relay twice.
The triple jump we have only won once, along with the javelin and football throw which have been discontinued.

Number of champions per event
10 100
11 200
11 400
13 800
25 1600
19 3200
8 High hurdles
5 Long hurdles, 300H 220H, 180H
2 880 Relays, no other relays
30 HJ
26 PV
23 LJ
1 TJ
21 SP
16 DT
1 FootBall Throw
1 Javelin
Complete List

This year we had a number of school records set at the MOC meet.
300IH 38.25 Owen Foley, Analy, this was also the fastest Empire time ever at MOC.
3200 Relay 8:06.24 Analy
TJ 45-08 Nehemiah Holiday, Maria Carrillo, 10th best Empire mark ever at MOC.
200 FAT 26.50 -0.3 Mia Hernandez, St Helena
400 58.63 Josie Hill, Technology
400 58.63 Lauren King, American Canyon
800 2:22.45 Eva Williams, St. Helena
100HH FAT 15.53 +1.5 Lily Desmond, St Helena
400 Relay 49.30 American Canyon
1600 Relay 4:03.18 Justin-Siena

Santiago Adan’s first throw in the discus was his winner at 170 feet and no one came within 10 feet of that mark, 10th best Empire mark ever at MOC.
Jake Joerger sat in 3rd place through the first five rounds of the discus knowing a number of throwers could knock him out of his state berth spot if they went past his 153-3 best mark. On Jake’s last attempt he hit his best of the day at 159-7 to move into the silver medal.

Napa’s Josiah Orozco had to battle for his 5th place medal in the long jump. After fouling his first two attempts he had one chance to make the final needing a 21-2 distance to make the final. He got that with a 21-03.25 leap to slip into 8th. After not improving on his 4th jump and fouling on his 5th it all came down to his final attempt when he hit 21-08.75 to earn his medal.

In the shot Newman teammate sophomore Devon Bertoli actually put some pressure on the huge favorite Jake Joerger. Devon opened with big throw of 53-6.5 to hold the lead after the first round as Jake hit only 52-2 on his first throw. Devon then hit 55-1.5, a mark farther than Jake threw to win the NBL title. But Jake responded like champions do taking the lead on his second throw at 56-5.5 then blowing the field away with a 57-09.5 in the 4th round and his monster throw of 59-2 in the 5th.
Only Dennis DeSoto and Brian Chase have ever thrown farther that Jake’s 59-2 at MOC.

Hanne Thomsen’s 10:16.66 win gives her 10 times under 10:19 for the 3200.
Only Julia Stamps’ 10:13.7 in 1996 is faster among Empire’s at MOC.

Sadie Sanders’ 56.43 at MOC is her third under 57.
The Redwood Empire was well represented in the 400 as 4 of the 8 finalist were ours.

Allison Tito’s win in the high jump did not come easily.
She opened at 5-0 and joined 16 others over that height.
Her and the other two state qualifiers all passed at 5-1 leaving her in 5th place after 5-1.
Clearing 5-2 on her first jump left her tied for first with three others.
At 5-3 she passed the height again dropping her to tied for fourth.
Allison would have to clear 5-4 to make state but missed her first attempt.
Clearing on her second attempt she was now in 2nd place with Riley McMullen in first.
McMullen cleared 5-5 on her third attempt and holding 1st place.
Allison would then clear 5-5 on her third attempt and because neither could clear 5-6 and McMullen had 2 misses at 5-2 before the 5-5 misses and Allison’s only miss before 5-5 was one at 5-4 Allison wins on misses.

Amrie Lacefield came through the first three laps in 4th place each time, but her 70.87 final lap moved her all the way to second.

Savannah Nelsen was only in 8th place after the second round and on the verge of not making the final 9 to get extra throws before hitting her prep best of 35-8 in the third round which earned her the 4th place medal.
Amanda Hart was not as lucky as she was in 7th after round two but even after improving in the third round three other girls improved even more to keep her out of the top 9 finalist.

Lee Corey had a nice PR in the pole vault coming into the competition with a best of only 8-8 before improving twice at MOC first clearing 8-11 and then 9-5.