Oops on Spring Lake Times

Old habits are hard to break
When I talked in my Spring Lake Times post I did a section on possible look at next years NBL I & II new leagues.
I included in those lists Casa Grande, Petaluma & Sonoma Valley which will be moving on to their new league that as far as I know is still nameless.
Anyway I have now fixed that on the original story to look like the one below.

Here are the combined times.
IF next years leagues were based off of this years results the teams would be put into an NBL I and NBL II like this, assuming all 12 are not put into one mega league.

                Boys    Girls   Combined
Maria Carrillo  1:19:49 1:35:41 2:55:30
Piner           1:21:51 1:45:31 3:06:22                             
Montgomery      1:28:22 1:41:05 3:09:27
Santa Rosa      1:27:03 1:43:43 3:10:46
Ukiah           1:28:06 1:47:55 3:16:01
Healdsburg      1:29:23 1:48:06 3:17:29  
NBL II                             
Windsor         1:28:56 1:51:55 3:20:51
Analy           1:34:05 1:50:08 3:24:13                                   
Cardinal Newman 1:31:50 1:58:39 3:30:29
Rancho Cotate   1:40:39 2:20:46 4:01:25
El Molino       1:32:35 Incomplete                                         
Elsie Allen     Both Incomplete