Photos of March 24, 2021 Boys Meet at Ukiah

Jim Crowhurst photos at the Healdsburg/Analy meet at Ukiah

Strong winds this day made for very cool feeling conditions at the meet.
Start of the boys race.
Runners jockeying for position
I believe this is Ukiah’s Caleb Mucho with the early lead over Analy’s Ben Neargarder.
Ukiah’s Nathan Gibson later takes the lead over Analy’s Ben Neargarder.
Analy’s Ben Neargarder let Ukiah runners lead the race here just before he pulls away on the last hill.
Final uphill
Now all alone.
Neargarder finished 49 seconds ahead of everyone else.
Ukiah’s Zac Koball took 2nd as the Wildcats first runner at the finish.
Nathan Gibson placed 3rd.
Healdsburg’s Alex Cyphers took 4th.
Caleb Mucho was 5th with Healdsburg’s Jameson Danowski in 6th.