Returning 2019 Boys All-Redwood Empire Running Cross Country

The grade levels listed are from the 2019 cross country season

First Team

Team members are listed in alphabetical order.

David Acuna, Junior, Napa by Michael Lucid

VVAL Champion, 14th II NCS, Pacific Grove Champ & one VVAL center meet, State competitor
16:10 Spring Lake, 16:29 5k, 15:34 3 miler

Jude DeVries, Freshman, Victory Christian Academy by Michael Lucid

CMC Champion, 2nd V NCS, 38th State plus league meet win
16:08 Spring Lake, 15:40 3 miler

Andrew McKamey, Junior, Santa Rosa by Michael Lucid

5th NBL Oak, 27th II NCS, Eye Opener Jr Champ plus two other wins, moving down to division III
15:33 Spring Lake

Jack Vanden Heuvel, Junior, Healdsburg by Michael Lucid

7th NBL Oak, 40th V NCS plus three other wins, moving into Redwood division
15:41 Spring Lake

Second Team

Jacob Donohue, Sophomore, Maria Carrillo by Michael Lucid

8th NBL Oak, 14th III NCS, 62nd State
15:49 Spring Lake, 16:13 5k, 15:28 3 miler

Nolan Hosbein, Junior, Casa Grande by Michael Lucid

2nd VVAL, 33rd III NCS, 82nd State & Two VVAL center meets
16:16 Spring Lake, 16:41 5k

Simon Peterson, Junior, Maria Carrillo by Thomas Benjamin

11th III NCS, 67th State, NBL Oak JV Champion
15:59 Spring Lake, 16:30 5k, 15:33 3 miler

Third Team

Luke Baird, Junior, Casa Grande by Michael Lucid

4th VVAL, 20th III NCS, State competitor
16:21 Spring Lake, 16:51 5k, 16:08 3 miler

William Hite, Junior, Casa Grande by Thomas Benjamin

6th VVAL, 27th III NCS, Viking Jr Champ, RC Champ, State competitor
16:24 Spring Lake, 16:13 3 miler

Isaac Rascon, Junior, Middletown by Michael Lucid

4th CMC, 18th V NCS plus four other wins
16:25 Spring Lake, 16:44 5k, 16:01 3 miler

Dustin Smith, Sophomore, Windsor by Michael Lucid

NBL Redwood Champion, 18th III NCS, Eye Opener Soph Champ, plus league meet win, moving into Oak division
16:14 Spring Lake, 15:57 3 miler

Noe Vieyra, Sophomore, Maria Carrillo by Michael Lucid

10th NBL Oak, won Hoka 3200m
15:55 Spring Lake, 15:30 3 miler