Returning 2021 Girls All-Empire Cross Country

Runner of the Year

Hanne Thomsen
Freshman, Montgomery
State III, NCS, NBL Oak, Master’s & F/S Viking Champion, plus five other wins

Photos by Michael Lucid

First Team

Hannah Garrity
Sophomore, Clear Lake
CMC Champion, 2nd NCS V, 36th State, plus seven other wins

Seelah Kittelstrom
Freshman, Montgomery
3rd NBL Oak, 13th NCS III, 45th State

Second Team

Avery Codington
Freshman, Casa Grande
VVAL Champion, 54th NCS III, won all three VVAL center meets

Rosey Harris
Sophomore, Analy
2nd NBL Redwood, 30th NCS III
Nicole Pyzer
Junior, Middletown
3rd CMC, 35th NCS V, plus five other wins
Rebekah Taylor
Junior, Maria Carrillo
6th NBL Oak, 24th NCS III
Gracie Trenam
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
4th NBL Oak, 15th NCS III, 87th State
Avery Hedden
Junior, Maria Carrillo
7th NBL Oak, 37th State III, 21st NCS
Moved to Eugene, Oregon

Honorable Mention

Isabella Boardmann
Freshman, Windsor
12th NBL Oak, 53 NCS III

Siene Brunetti
Junior, Cardinal Newman
3rd NBL Redwood, 13th NCS IV, plus four other wins
Leah Cederborg
Junior, Santa Rosa
10th NBL Oak, 46th NCS III, plus two other wins
Katherine Choe
Freshman, Maria Carrillo
NBL Oak JV Champion, 32nd NCS III, 109th State
Siena Deadman
Sophomore, Petaluma
3rd VVAL, 57th NCS III
Reilly Kreutz
Sophomore, Petaluma
4th VVAL, 58th NCS III
Amrie Lacefield
Freshman, Montgomery
9th NBL Oak, 41st NCS III
Hailey Schuemann
Freshman, Justin-Siena
2nd VVAL, 48th NCS V
Brooke Szczekocki
Freshman, Maria Carrillo
2nd JV NBL Oak, 27th NCS III, 102nd State