Sending Me Track & Field Results

I would like to post the results of every meet for Redwood Empire preps that I can.
I can post them in almost any format I receive but I do have preferences of how I like them.
My hope is to post the results the same day as the meet but if you can not send them that day please send me an email saying when you think you will be able to get them to me.

Ideal format is from Hy-Tek results in html style. Example
Next would be in excel spreadsheet. Example
Word document is OK. Example
Photo, jpeg, of hard copy results does not look good but is way better than nothing. Example
Or you can send me a link to results like these

Here is the ideal order for columns.
11.92 +0.8 Tyler Diehl, 10, Vintage 165
I don’t need the bib numbers unless I’m matching photos to athletes but if they are the first or last column it is super easy for me to delete those.

Hand times should be in tenths with times round up like 2:37.71 becomes 2:37.8, not rounded off or down.
Please indicate if the meet was hand timed or Fully Automatic, FAT, if the timing system does not automatically start off the gun then it is a hand time.
I also understand at many dual meets it’s hard to get their full name but try and get their last name and if there are two kids with same last name an initial.
T. Diehl or Diehl, T

Field events
In the old old days they use to record marks in 1/8 of an inch.
Today we only go to 1/4 of an inch, except the discus which is to have all marks round down to inch. 144-8.75 should show as 144-8.
Rare that I can get them but if I can get every mark of every throw or horizontal jump that is icing on the cake.

I know that mistakes can always happen at meets I just want to know about them so I can treat the results properly.
Common happenings.
Hurdle race was missing a flight of hurdles or they were set at the wrong height.
Wrong starting line. Example what was suppose to be an 800 run with one turn stagger started off the 400m starting lines.
Sand pit for the long and triple jump was not level and jumpers were jumping into a hole. Example.
Starting gun not working and used a whistle start.
Stuff like that.

Putting together results may be one of the least favorite part of coaching for many of you but most kids LOVE to see there names and marks up on the internet for all to see.
So that you in advance for all your hard work in getting these to me.

Also if someone is photographing or video races please have them send me those as well.


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