Should this site just do track and not cross country

OK now that I have your attention.
I love cross country just like I love track so I’m not planning to drop either.
Problem is I have had only a single donation since June so I’m hoping the cross country lovers will step up to help out like the track lovers did last spring.
Just hoping for a few bucks from each family that is glad this site exists.
I had envisioned families who enjoyed what I offer perhaps giving about $12 a year donation, that’s $1 month. I am really honored by the fact that about 1/3 of the support I’ve gotten has come from coaches so far but my thinking is they are already doing their part by the hours they spend coaching and I really hoped it would be more from the families involved.
If you can help, I prefer checks, not cash, sent in the mail over pay pal since they take part of it. But am happy either way.
Hope you enjoyed part two of history of girl’s track and cross country in the Redwood Empire I post recently.

For mailing my address is
Jim Crowhurst
1040 Road B
Redwood Valley, CA 95470