Something New Or Is It Something Old

It’s almost like 1965 again.
The North Bay League redid the league schedule again not long ago and it is similar to how things were done long long ago.
The pandemic had taken out the last two years of league finals. In 2019 under the new league names of NBL “Oak” and “Redwood” there was just one meet with both divisions competing together.
Before that from 1972-2018 there were two separate leagues, the “North Bay League” and the “Sonoma County League”. Each having their own finals.
Before 1972 the “North Bay League” was called NBL I and “Sonoma County League” was called NBL II similar to our Oak and Redwood set up.
The difference being that they would each have a league finals and then a week later they would have a combined NBL I & II meet, all together.
This year on April 27th at Ukiah High the NBL “Redwood”/”Sonoma County League”/NBL II will again have a separate meet. The five competing schools will have a meet by themself’s and then a week later they will join the NBL “Oak” schools in a finals to determine who goes to NCS Redwood meet.
So anyway the new setup is very similar to what use to happen back in the late 60’s.