Update from Michael Lucid

I wanted to give my biggest supporters … Track/Field and XC fans, an update regarding the fund raising for the purchase of a professional camera body.

I BOUGHT IT! I purchased a refurbished Nikon z9 camera body for $4,500 plus taxes. A brand-new camera would have cost $5,500 plus taxes. Nikon refurbished equipment is first class so given the savings of $1,000, it seemed like a great purchase.

I’ve used the camera to shoot a portrait session for the Lake County Record Bee Athletes of the Year story. The Nikon z9 was a joy to use and the images turned out great. I look forward to using the gear to shoot some awesome action photos.

Let me tell you how the purchase was funded. Since January, I’ve earned $1,900 by shooting for local publications and/or events. I also used funds from the sale of a lens and a birthday gift from my mother-in-law. The balance … $2,200 … came from donations from 20 individuals.

I want to say THANK YOU to the 20 individuals who supported me so far this year. I promise I’ll keep doing my best to make beautiful and impactful images of our local high school athletes.

The new camera