Want to be a videographer for this site?

We are all continually blessed by the wonderful photos that Michael Lucid and Thomas Benjamin so generously provide for this web site.
Now I’m wondering if any of YOU out there would like to try your steady hand at providing videos this track season?
Carl Triola did the wonderful submission of the last Viking Opener XC meet.

Wouldn’t it be neat to have had a video of last years 11.19 100 at the NCS Redwood Empire meet by Ian Herculson or Zachary Esponda’s 1:56.1 800 at the NBL finals. How about one of Kirsten Carter’s 18 foot long jumps.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a video of every varsity race at the league finals to have forever to go back and watch.
This would take a number of people to do right. Maybe you love the throws and wanted to do them.

Anyway think about it, it may not be ready for prime time viewing but the kids will still love it.
Since the last donation I received, I believe was back in September to keep this site going, this is definitely a volunteer thing.

Let me know if you’d like to try it, maybe at Big Cat on March 4th?
Contact me if you think you might be able to help from time to time jimcrowhurst@comcast.net

Here are some fun ones that we are all lucky enough because someone decided to video for others to see.

Danielle Steffen, Petaluma vaulting 11-9

Kathleen Durand, Maria Carrillo 4th place at state discus 144-3

El Molino’s Sharon Polley placing 6th in state finals for 100LH in 14.55.