Watch for Keira Jones next season

Napa 8th grader Keira Jones is putting up big marks.
As a 8th grader she put up marks that would have made her a force on the prep scene this season.
Her parents Kamorn & Danielle Jones both coach on the Napa High School track teams but may continue to home school Keira next season.
Kam Jones Napa High Hall of Fame

Here are Keira’s 2024 marks and where they would have fallen on the 2024 Redwood Empire High School list.

Keira Jones triple jumping

Triple Jump 35-10 2nd 2024, only 1st team All-Empire jumper Karis Morasch of Analy jumped farther in 2024 at 36-0 and won NCS Redwood at 35-11.

100m 12.92 +2.7 8th FAT 2024, 13.06 -2.2 =10th Legal 2024, = 12.80 wind adjusted
Three FAT seniors ahead have graduated. Only three of top 10 legal marks came from underclassmen.

200m 26.44 +2.9 10th Legal 2024, 26.71 +1.2

HJ 4-8 =8th 2024

LJ 16-4 5th 2024
Only Bailey Guerrero, 10, Casa Grande 17-6 is back ahead of Jones.

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