Why Are We Looking At 1978?

March of 2020 our Track & Field world came to a sudden stop.
Just as I was looking forward to covering that 2020 season all of a sudden there was nothing to cover.
With no results to spend my nights working on I decided to have some fun and take a look back to my senior year, 1978.
Like many of you who had a senior year without a pandemic going on, it was a magical time in life.
So I began to tabulate that season including meet results, Prep best list, All-Time and All-Empire picks.

Obviously it would not be kosher for me to place myself on the list.
So to be fair, I contracted that out.
I put together the top vaulters from that year and what they did but did not ID who they were. It was just vaulter A, B and so on.
I then had another coach send it out, to head coaches around the Empire, and had them place the lettered vaulters in order.
They would report back to the coach I had coordinating this ranking with so I would never see how the local coaches ranked them.
I had planned ahead that the top two ranked vaulters would be first team.
I figured before hand I could have ended up anywhere from 2nd to 4th.

And if you’re wondering how I had all the results and info from back then, you now know that I am a Track hoarder, as I never throw anything away.
Hope you enjoy this look at the 1978 season half as much as I do.
Jim Crowhurst