RUNNER OF THE YEAR see complete season

Phyllis Blanchard
Rancho Cotate, Junior
NCS Champion,
fourth in state D-1.

FIRST TEAM see complete season

Kim Conley
Montgomery, Junior
Ninth in state,
3rd NCS D-2, 5th NBL
Kim Handel
Montgomery, Senior
Second in NCS,
14th in state D-2, 4th NBL
Shelby Leland
Ukiah, Junior
Second in NBL,
12th in state, 2nd NCS D-1
Ashton LeSieur
Casa Grande, Sophomore
SCL Champion,
41st in state, 5th NCS D-2
Amy Robinson
Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
NBL Champion, 21st in state, 4th NCS D-2

SECOND TEAM see partial season

Julianne Baker, Maria Carrillo, Senior
Eight in NBL, 12th NCS D-2

Renee Chaffin, Sonoma Valley, Junior
Second in SCL, 33rd NCS D-2

Emma Conley, Montgomery, Sophomore
Sixth in NBL, 8th NCS, 38th in state D-2.

Ashlee Drady, Maria Carrillo, Senior
12th NBL, 16th NCS D-2

Kristin Fladseth, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
Ninth in NBL, 17th NCS D-2

Kelly Lane, Ursuline, Junior
Seventh in NBL, 24th in state, 8th NCS D-4

Caitlyn Pilkington, St. Vincent, Sophomore
CMC Champion, 18th in state, 4th NCS D-5

Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg, Senior
Fifth in SCL

Christy Sweaney, Montgomery, Junior
11th NBL, 18th NCS D-2

Marissa Walsh, Montgomery, Sophomore
Tenth in NBL


Amanda Atkinson, Healdsburg, Freshman
4th SCL,12th NCS D-4

Kate Blake, Montgomery, Sophomore
15th NBL, 38th NCS D-2

Carina Hendricks, Montgomery, Junior
16th NBL, 31st NCS D-2

Angela Kabanuck, Casa Grande, Senior
3rd SCL

Megan Mullin, Ukiah, Sophomore
14th NBL, 7th NCS D-1

Nora Sorentino, Santa Rosa, Sophomore
13th NBL, 17th NCS D-1

Jacqui Vance, Petaluma, Senior
6th SCL, 20th NCS D-3


Meghan Boes, Maria Carrillo, Junior
20th NBL

Kendra Cheney, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
19th NBL, 46th NCS D-2

Jen Clouse, Ursuline, Senior
22nd NBL & NCS D-4

Jen DeGennaro, Ursuline, Sophomore
23rd NBL, 25th NCS D-4

Meredith Duvarado, Santa Rosa Christian, Senior
2nd CMC, 13th NCS D-5

Juliana Helleskov, Santa Rosa, Senior
28th NBL, 44th NCS D-1

Leslie Hirshfield, Santa Rosa Christian, Junior
3rd CMC, 18th NCS D-5

Mary Shibata, Ukiah, Junior
18th NBL, 16th NCS D-1

Elysa Strunin, Santa Rosa, Freshman
17th NBL, 22nd NCS D-1

Mollie Zapata, Petaluma, Sophomore
7th SCL, 35th NCS D-3


Josh Dorris, Montgomery
Both teams won NBL titles
and earned state berths