Little triva on Sara Hall’s London Marathon comeback

Sara Hall was already running all by herself with the leaders more than a minute ahead at only about 45 minutes into the race.

At the 25k mark of the Marathon Sara was 2 minutes and 17 seconds behind the runner who was holding 2nd place at the 25k mark.
Sara was in 7th place then and would have to pass five runners to place 2nd.
At the 5:25 mile pace that Sara was running at it meant that she was about 780 meters behind second place at that point.
That’s almost half a mile behind the silver medal spot she earned.

As you may have guessed with no meets going on for about 6 months it is not surprising that no donations are coming in to help support this site.
And I totally understand.
A while back I offered to do histories on events to earn some money, like girls 3200 and others.
A few took me up on that.
Lately I have been working on updating my online archives.
I have track back to about 1994 so far and cross country to 2000.
If anyone wants to sponsor some older years let me know what year you would like me to do next.

So looking forward to covering live action.
Hang in there everybody.