History of girls Redwood Empire 3200m

The History of girls Redwood Empire 1600m was amazing but our 3200 accomplishments may be even better.

In the 11 years between 1994 and 2004 we took home 15 state meet medals including five wins. With one medal before and after that period that gives us 17 State meet medals total compared to 14 in the 1600.

It all started with very humble beginnings as a ninth grader from Fort Bragg Junior High would establish our first Redwood Empire record at 12:13.5 in the Two Mile in 1977. That runner being Donna Hansen.

We would quickly move into the elite ranks as Ukiah’s Dana Flint turned up the heat.
Flint would win the North Bay League finals in 1978 (11:40.3) and 1979 (10:59.8) both meet records.
She was the Empire’s first to break 11 minutes in the NBL meet with the time equaling about 10:56.22 for 3200 meters.

Dana Flint

The next week at the North Coast Section 3A meet Tera Linda’s Robyn McSwain beat Flint 11:05.2-11:05.5 but Flint would take the NCS Meet of Champions with a 11:04.9.
A whole side track story on Robyn McSwain & Rod Berry
How do I come up with this historical stuff?
In April of 1979 Petaluma’s Lori Shanoff would lower the Empire freshman record down to 11:19.2 at the Sacramento Relays. That would stand as the class record until 1994.
Lori Shanoff

From here out the races would be at 3200 meters instead of 2 miles.

During the 1980 season the Petaluma Trojans would have a one two distance punch with Shanoff and Lisa Dailey.
Dailey would lower the NBL finals record to 11:16.0, McSwain would win the NCS 3A meet (10:53.6) and MOC (10:41.5). Shanoff would take 2nd at 3A (11:12.1) and Dailey would break the Empire record at the MOC in 5th with a 10:52.3.
In 1981 it would be all Shanoff as she lowered both the NBL finals record (10:51.7) and the Empire record (10:47.9) with a third place finish at MOC.

The next great distance runner on the track was Analy’s Sherri Minkler.

Minkler crushed the SCL records. She won the 3200 from 1983 thru 1985 lowering the 3200 down to the still standing 10:58.5. She also won the 1600 in both 84 and 85 setting a new meet record there as well in 5:09.6. In 1984 she would win the NCS MOC 3200 in 11:03.5. She ended her high school career with a fourth place finish at State with a 10:37.78 mark that would stand as the Empire record for nine years. Watch that race here, she’s in blue outfit, Story of record

Calistoga may have been one of the smallest schools in the NCS but had a star as good as any of them in Jeannise Eisenman. Eisenman set the Coastal Mountain Conference meet record at 11:24.8 in 1987. She would own the NCS 1A from 1985 thru 1987 and followed that up with a 10:50.80 to win the NCS MOC track title in 1987.
Story about Jeannise Eisenman father
May 20,1986-Father knows best?
June 2, 1987 Eisenman Story, plus Kathy Dalton story

Analy’s Jennie Dempsey won the SCL 3200 in 1989 (11:54.5) & 1990 (12:09.3) and plus 1600 both those years.

Julia Stamps was becoming a running phenom well before she got to high school.

Stamps freshman season, still at Rincon Valley Junior High, erased any doubts anyone might have had about her talent as she was being compared to the legendary Mary Decker Slaney.
She destroyed all preps she ran against that year in cross country and only a appendicitis kept her from winning the state championship.
In track she would be allowed to run for RVJH in the full high school season of track meets.
She kicked off the 1994 track season at the Sunkist Invitational. She would set the National Indoor freshman record there at the L.A. Sports Arena and take down the Empire record with a 10:30.2 two mile.
She would take down the NCS 1A meet record to kick things of in the post season. Even with a burst blister on her bloody foot she would run 10:45.11.
Stamps would rule the NCS MOC meets winning all four years.
1994 (10:28.49), 1995 (10:19.91), 1996 (10:13.7), 1997 (10:19.51).
Julia and coach Aldridge at her first NCS MOC, 1994
She would win all three NBL titles she competed in setting the still standing meet record on her first attempt. 1995 (10:16.96), 1996 (10:53.28), 1997 (11:35.98).
She easily won the State finals that year winning by 24 seconds in another Empire record of 10:26.51.
After state she would win the Golden West Invite (10:30.25) and then beat college runners to win her first USA Junior National 3,000m (9:28.50) Championship.
That 3,000 time was also a National freshman record.
She was voted the best 3000/3200 prep in the nation that year, the first frosh to ever get that honor.
See here

Looking at her sophomore year, 1994/1995, Stamps finally runs as a high schooler joining the Santa Rosa High squad.
In track she came into the season as the National cross country champion having won the Footlocker Nationals over the best in the United States by a whopping 31 seconds.
She lowered the Empire 3200 record three times that year.
Those being 10:26.40 K-Bell Classic, 10:16.96 NBL Finals and 10:15.27 for her first State Track win.
In April she would break both the California State 5,000m record and the National sophomore record with a 16:31.2 time.
After state she would again win the USA Junior National 3,000m. Her 9:21.99 time was both a National Sophomore record and 16 year old record.
That season earned her the ranking of number #1 again in the U.S. for 3200 and left her just two spots from being voted the best high school track athlete in the Nation. See all that here.
Stamps’ 1995 track season was one that goes beyond words. See her mind blowing season here.

Her junior year was going along great with her final Empire record at the NCS Redwood meet with a 10:12.20. Which was also a California State junior class record.
She then had one of her rare loses at state taking second to Kim Mortensen of Thousand Oaks who broke the meet record with a 9:52.80 to Stamps’ 10:15.13.
She bounced back from that to win her third USA Junior National 3,000m by over 15 seconds (9:40.33).
That qualified her for the World Junior Championships were she placed 11th (9:19.63).
Best streak
Stamps, junior year, 15 day streak three races
10:12.20 5/18/96 NCS Redwood
10:13.94 5/25/96 MOC
10:15.13 6/1/96 State

In her senior year after winning the NBL finals she continued on that post season doubling in the 1600 and 3200 all the way through state.
At State she would again turn back all challengers winning the 1600 in 4:44.78 and doubling back to win the 3200 as well in 10:15.17.
She would conclude her prep career by winning her fourth USA Junior National 3,000m by over 11 seconds (9:28.13).
Here are Stamps major High school results

Julia Stamps Mallon: My Running

With Stamps now graduated and off to Stanford I’m sure there were many in the Redwood Empire and beyond who thought, “Whew now we can get back to normal.” ENTER Sara Bei.

Now you may have noticed I have skipped someone but I’m intentionally waiting until after the Bei era.

One of my Sara Bei memories

Montgomery’s Sara Bei of course came into her first high school year of track having already won the Division III State cross country title. She would go on to become the first girl in California state history to win four individual state XC titles, plus a bonus team title.

Bei’s freshman track season would be just as gloryus.
She would have many big victories including the Stanford 3,000 and Sac MOC at 10:38.7.
At NBL’s she won the 1600, 400, 3200 (10:58.11) and Mile Relay.
At NCS MOC she would win her first 3200 title at 10:41.72, after already winning the 1600 earlier.
State would be no different again winning both events posting 4:49.21 and 10:31.06 times.
Only Stamps had run a faster 3200 time as a freshman in the Empire.
Have not found a video of the state 3200 but here is the 1600 win. View here

Bei’s sophomore season would start off even better.
At the National Scholastic in Boston she would break the National Sophomore record for an indoor 2 mile in 10:25.07.
That now gave the Redwood Empire three National Sophomore records with Stamps 5,000m (16:31.2) and 3,000m (9:21.99).
She cruised along through muliple wins at both NBL and regional and MOC meets (10:48.94, 10:35.74, 10:28.75).
At state she ran a 4:46.71/10:31.67 double but came away with two seconds that year.
Her sophomore year, like Stamps, she would run five 3200’s under 10:37.

Sara Bei at 2000 NCS MOC

Her junior year looked much like the year before.
Bei doubled her way through the meets yet again, with her NBL win at 10:37.8 and her MOC win at 10:33.14.
At State she would earn her 5th and 6th medals with 2nd’s in 4:49.98 and 10:34.84.
And just missing a medal was Ukiah sophomore Amber Trotter who would place 7th in the same race at 10:50.22.
This would be the fifth year in-a-row that the Redwood Empire would have two girls in the top nine in the state 3200 meter race.

In between her junior and senior year of track Bei did nothing less than win the National Cross Country Championship at Footlocker with one of her patented come from behind victories.

Her 2001 senior year saved the best for last.
In April she scorched a 10:14.5 to run the third fastest 3200 ever for the Empire behind the two Stamps NCS runs from her junior year.
Bei wins the NBL 3200 in 10:39.13 to become the only boy or girl in NBL history to win it four times.
At MOC she takes the win at 10:17.14 for her 4th MOC 3200 win and 8th MOC win counting her 1600’s.
At state she starts the meet with another 2nd in the 1600 at 4:47.96.
But she would end with the Redwood Empire’s best high school 3200 ever.
Bei would battle the southern sections Anita Siraki and as was her style come from behind to edge her at the finish, 10:11.11 to 10:11.79.
Another race photo
Besides the Empire record it was also the fastest time in the Nation that year.
Bei concluded with eight state meet medals, two of which were 3200 wins.
Sara Bei and Anita Siraki for state title.

Now to get to Santa Rosa’s Trina Cox.
Her story is split between the Stamps era and Bei’s but I wanted to single out what she did.

I have written this before but Cox’s story is so amazing.
One of California’s best ever distance runners and yet never had a single NBL title at any distance in either track or cross country.
Blame the last two girls I wrote about for that.
Cox’s freshman and sophomore years were Stamps junior and senior years. And they are on the same Santa Rosa team.
Cox’s junior and senior years were Montgomery’s Bei’s freshman and sophomore years, the Panther’s cross town rivals.

As a freshman in 1996 she would run a 3200 in 10:52.24 for the second fastest freshman time ever. #1 Stamps.
Cox would go all the way to the state meet placing 8th in 11:03.00. But of course in the league finals she came away with two 2nds, running 5:08.74 and 11:28.99 behind Stamps.

As a sophomore she would run a 10:30.82 to take the 4th place medal at state. It again was the second fastest sophomore time ever. #1 Stamps.
Yet in league finals she had two 2nds 5:10.86 11:51.50 behind Stamps. Photo form NCS Redwood of Stamps and Cox

All four years of cross country Cox would be 2nd in NBL finals. But her junior year she was the State division I Champion and went all the way to Nationals.

With 420 meters left in the state 3200 Cox was still leading.

Page of screen shots of the race.
As a junior in track she would run a 10:33.75 and take the 3rd place medal at state., Watch the race. Trina in 4th at 150 meters with Bei near the back. Trina has a large lead much of the race. The time was the Empire’s #2 junior mark ever behind Stamps.
Yet in league finals she had two 2nds 5:01.95 & 11:06.28 behind Bei.

Senior year of cross country Cox was still second in NBL yet went on to place 6th at the Footlocker national championships. Bei 3rd.
So unreal that only five girls in the entire United States could beat her yet one lives only a few miles away.
State meet finished with a 10:47.08 for 9th.
League finals she had two 2nds 5:03.16 11:04.08 behind Bei.

Then again that’s what it is like being a girl distance runner in the Redwood Empire.
Even Bei, the year she was National cross country champion, could not win her own league finals. Thank you Amber Trotter.

I don’t usually go on to say what they did after high school but since I’ve talked about all these seconds for Cox I feel she deserves to be shown as the winner she was.
She won the state junior college cross country champion in 2001 Story here
She had already won the state championship in the 1500 meters at the outdoor track championships in 2001 (4:35.0), then the next year she was the state champion in the steeplechase in 2002.
After the SRJC she ran for Abilene Christian were she was the NCAA Division II Regional Champion in 2005 for cross country.
On the track she ran a 4:49.90 indoor mile at the 2006 NCAA Division II Indoor Championships.
Later that season she ran a 10:05.19 steeplechase.
Cox was the runner-up in the NCAA Division II women’s steeplechase in 2005.
Photo of Cox steepling

2000 was the best year we had ever had to that point depth wise five at 11:18.98 or faster
10:24.68 Sara Bei, Montgomery, NBL Champion, NCS Champ, 2nd State Meet
10:49.84 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo, 1600 State Champion
10:50.22 Amber Trotter, Ukiah, 2nd NCS, 7th State Meet
11:18.14 Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg, SCL Champion
11:18.98 Sarah Bashel, Montgomery, 5th NCS

Ukiah’s Shelby Leland was a sophomore the year Trotter was the 2001 National cross country champion and then Trotter ran an early season, 2002, 10:20.4. Trotter didn’t do much else that track season but Leland caught on fire.

Shelby Leland wins the 3200 meter at the Meet of Champions.
Although Trotter dropped out of the picture Leland still had her hands full with a number of talented local runners.
In the 2002 NBL Finals Leland would place between Maria Carrillo’s Jenny Aldridge (10:55.5), Leland (10:58.41) and Rancho Cotate’s Phyliss Blanchard (11:08.88).
Phyliss Blanchard
But Leland would continue to improve earning her first State meet medal (5th) in 10:44.68.
Leland’s junior year she took the NBL title with a 10:53.12.
At state the Empire would show it’s muscles as Leland went 3rd in 10:38.09 and Blanchard took 4th in 10:41.83.
2004 showed again just how tough the NBL is.
Leland went for a triple, but the strength of NBL was to much of a match for her to do that and win.
Kim Conley, Montgomery 5:05.28
Amy Robinson, Maria Carrillo 5:06.15
Shelby Leland, Ukiah 5:09.17
Phyliss Blanchard RC 5:15.14

Kristin Sanzari, Maria Carrillo 2:21.09
Shelby Leland, Ukiah 2:23.02

Phyliss Blanchard, Rancho Cotate 10:57.32
Amy Robinson, Maria Carrillo 11:05.23
Kim Conley, Montgomery 11:09.65
Shelby Leland, Ukiah 11:15.75 4th
Leanne Fogg, Maria Carrillo 11:22.05

That’s right, a girl who has medaled at state the last two years runs well and gets fourth in league finals.
Leland drops the shorter races after that meet and wins the NCS Redwood and the NCS MOC (10:38.75).
Finishes at state with her third state meet medal in 6th (10:48.69).

2004 was the best year we had ever had to that point depth wise five at 11:15.73 or faster
10:38.75 Shelby Leland, 12, Ukiah, NCS Redwood Champ, NCS Champion, 6th State Meet
10:57.09 Phyliss Blanchard, 12, Rancho Cotate, NBL Champion, 2nd NCS Redwood , 5th NCS
10:58.25 Kim Conley, 12, Montgomery
11:05.23 Amy Robinson, 11, Maria Carrillo
11:15.73 Tamma Carleton, 11, Mendocino, CMC Champion
11:21.31 Leanne Fogg, 9, Maria Carrillo

Leland, Blanchard, Conley, Robinson, Carleton, Fogg

Time for a little family action.
Fastest Brother/Sister 20:25.73 Aldridge’s
9:45.41 Ryan, 10:40.32 Jenny

Fastest Father/Daughter 20:27.73 Fogg’s
9:30.72 Greg, 10:57.01 Leanne

2007 was best year ever depth wise six at 11:08.82 or faster
10:34.39 Jacque Taylor, 9, Casa Grande, SCL Champion, NCS Redwood Champ, 3rd NCS, 4th 3200 State
10:57.01 Leanne Fogg, 12, Maria Carrillo, NBL Champion, 2nd NCS Redwood
11:00.02 Brittny Escamilla, 12, El Molino, 4th NCS
11:03.67 Alia Gray, 12, Maria Carrillo
11:05.74 Sarah Sumpter, 11, Healdsburg
11:08.82 Shannon Rich, 12, Rancho Cotate

Taylor, Fogg, Escamilla, Gray, Sumpter, Rich

Casa Grande’s Jacque Taylor would burst on the scene in 2007 winning the SCL title and going all the way to state taking 4th.
Her talent belies her freshman status
Her 10:34.39 state meet time was less than 8 seconds short of Stamps freshman record.
Her sophomore year she would defend her SCL title and make it to state in the 3200 (13th) but her 2nd place medal that year came in the 1600.
Junior year was similar 3200 (11th) state and 4th in 1600. After two years of being Co-Athlete of the Year in 2009 she was Athlete of the Year by herself which she won again her senior year were her focus was just on the 1600, 5th state.

With Taylor skipping the SCL 3200 in 2010 it allowed El Molino’s Nicole Lane to win it her sophomore year in 11:37.50. She liked it so much she decided to win her her next two years as well. (11:17.41, 11:16.72).

Nicole Lane

Over in the NBL Santa Rosa’s Delaney White would be doing much the same taking the titles from 2014-16 (11:40.53, 11:25.46, 11:27.7).
In 2016 she would run in the state meet following her 3rd place at MOC in 10:41.82.

Delaney White

Sonoma Academy’s Rylee Bowen was yet our next freshman to come into her first track season having already won a state cross country title. (2014 Division V)
Rylee would run her first 2 miler at the New Balance Nationals Indoor in New York.
She would win her heat in 10:37.13. Just seven seconds off of Stamps National indoor freshman record.
Later she would run the fastest time for a freshman in the nation for 3000m at 9:49.61 with her Stanford win.
Rylee would take over as our second fastest freshman ever ahead of Bei at the Arcadia with a 10:29.61 for 16th.
She broke the CMC meet record her first year at 11:14.06.
She would also win the NCS 1A (11:16.25) and take 4th at NCS MOC (10:44.88).
Fourth wasn’t bad considering she had already won the 1600 at 4:43.92.
It wasn’t a 3200 but she also gets credit for a National Freshman Record & CA HS record winning the 2,000m Steeplechase in 6:41.26 at the National Youth Championships. Watch the race.

Rylee’s sophomore year would earn her ATHLETE OF THE YEAR for the Redwood Empire.
Rylee Bowen outdistances the field
One of the reason’s was her 2016 Arcadia meet. Video of race
Rylee beat a field of runners of whom the top seven girls all beat the national best for the year.
Her 10:13.20 was a mere one second short of Bei’s record and beat all the great sophomore marks before her.

Sophomore Class Record
10:13.20 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2016
10:15.27 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
10:21.45 Sara Bei, Montgomery 1999
10:30.82 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1997
10:37.32 Shelby Leland, Ukiah 2002

10:11.11 Sara Bei, Montgomery 6/2/01 State
10:12.20 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 5/18/96 NCS Redwood
10:13.20 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4/9/16 Arcadia

Rylee finished that season in the 3200 with a CMC finals win (11:32.94) and 1st NCS 1A (11:00.67)

Rylee’s final two years there was not as much 3200 action although she did win the CMC finals both years and her senior year took the Viking Classic in 11:43.88. She was CO-ATHLETE OF THE YEAR in 2017.

And even more family action.
Fastest Mother/Daughter 21:31.62 Horn/Bowen
11:18.42 Nika Horn, 10:13.20 Rylee Bowen

Fastest Sisters 21:08.54 Bowen’s
10:13.20 Rylee, 10:55.34 Kate

Healdsburg’s Gabrielle “Gabby” Peterson had yet another spectacular career for the Redwood Empire.
Gabby was one of those runners who would often do four events in a meet, because that’s all the rules would allow.

By Michael Lucid
It was a very commion sight to see her win all three distance races and then run a leg on the 1600 Relay.
Very interestingly she got to dominate BOTH league finals.
Healdsburg was in the SCL her first three years were she posted these marks including taking down a Jacque Taylor meet record
2016 1st 1600 (5:13.56), 1st 3200 (11:49.04)
2017 1st 1600 (5:07.32), 2nd 800 (2:21.88), 1st 3200 (11:52.1)
2018 1st 1600 (4:57.46 MR), 1st 800 (2:20.21), 1st 3200 (11:56.55)
At the 2018 NCS MOC after taking the 1600 win, over Bowen, Peterson would miss going to state in her second event, the 3200, by 0.096 seconds.

Then in 2019 the leagues were reorganized and it ended up that all 12 schools ran in a single NBL finals.
No problem for Gabby as she took all three again including breaking a Julia Stamps meet record.
2019 1st 1600 (4:49.34 MR), 1st 800 (2:15.23), 1st 3200 (10:58.52)
She followed that with two 10 seconds wins at the NCS Redwood with the 3200 in 10:42.12.
At MOC she defended her title in the 1600 and won by over 11 seconds!!! (4:48.54 ). She still had enough to take 2nd in the 3200 in 10:32.53, Watch the 3200m race
Video interview with Gabrielle Peterson

Now before the most recent state meet I want to look at our newest wonderkin coming out of our CMC league.
St Helena’s Harper McClain was a sophomore in the 2019 track season. She had no real track experience until then.
No problem as in her first season she would take down Bowen’s CMC finals meet record with a 11:11.34 mark.

By Michael Lucid

Before that she got a taste of Peterson when they first raced in the Viking Classic (1600 Peterson 1st 4:49.67, McClain 4th 5:02.60). Peterson ran and won the 800 there with McClain winning the 3200 in 10:47.08.
In the 2019 MOC 3200 that Peterson took 2nd in McClain would get the 3rd and final state qualifier with a 10:33.87.
Video interview with Harper McClain

2019 State Meet
The Redwood Empire had a glorius end to the last State meet.
Gabby would pick up her first State Track Meet medal with a 6th in the 1600 at 4:51.86.
Gabby would do one better with a 5th place medal in the 3200 at 10:23.85 with sophomore McClain in 7th at 10:29.68.
These 3200 times moved the Empire pair to 5th and 6th All-Time in the Empire.
Peterson would grab the 2019 ATHLETE OF THE YEAR.

State Meet By Pat Rhames
5th 10:23.85 Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg
7th 10:29.68 Harper McClain, St Helena

2019 was the 2nd best year depth wise six at 11:16.55 or faster
10:23.85 Gabrielle Peterson, 12,, Healdsburg, NBL & NCS Redwood Champion, 2nd NCS, 5th State Meet
10:29.68 Harper McClain, 10, St Helena, CMC Champion, 3rd NCS, 7th State Meet
10:57.13 Mary Deeik, 10, Vintage, VVAL Champion, 2nd NCS Redwood
11:00.85 Sierra Atkins, 12, Analy
11:15.78 Aimee Armstrong, 12, Maria Carrillo
11:16.55 Nicole Morris, 10, Maria Carrillo

Watch NCS Redwood Race or Big Cat

McClain would pick up were she left off after the state track finals by winning the 2019 Dvision V State cross country championships.
Her 2020 track season came to a quick end as the COVID pandemic closed down the season before she had her first race.
But we have the hope of seeing some amazing running out of her in her senior year.

Number of times under 10:37
10:12.20-10:35.93 Julia Stamps (17), Santa Rosa
10:11.11-10:36.42 Sara Bei (16), Montgomery
10:23.85-10:34.83 Gabriel Peterson (7), Healdsburg
10:13.20-10:33.44 Rylee Bowen (3), Sonoma Academy

Times under 10:37 by class
                     Sr Jr So Fr
Julia Stamps         4  3  5  5
Sara Bei             5  5  5  1
Gabriel Peterson     4  3  0  0

Best streak
Stamps, junior year
10:12.20 5/18/96 NCS Redwood
10:13.94 5/25/96 MOC
10:15.13 6/1/96 State

Top 50 Performances
Top 50 Empire runners, Maria Carrillo 10
Class records
NBL “Oak” Champions
NBL “Redwood”/SCL Champions
VVAL Champions
CMC Champions
Best years for the event

Evolution of Redwood Empire 3200m Record
Two Mile
10:59.8 Dana Flint, Ukiah 1979, = to 10:56.22 3200m

10:52.44 Lisa Dailey, Petaluma 1980
10:48.04 Lori Shanoff, Petaluma 1981
10:37.78 Sherri Minkler, Analy 1985
10:26.51 Julia Stamps, RVJH 1994
10:15.27 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
10:12.20 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1996
10:11.11 Sara Bei, Montgomery 2001

State Meet Top Places
1st Julia Stamps, Rincon Valley JH 10:26.51 1994
1st Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:15.27 1995
1st Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:15.17 1997
1st Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:31.06 1998
1st Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:11.11 2001
2nd Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:15.13 1996
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:31.67 1999
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:34.84 2000
3rd Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 10:33.75 1998
3rd Shelby Leland, Ukiah 10:38.09 2003
4th Sherri Minkler, Analy 10:37.78 1985
4th Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 10:30.82 1997
4th Phyliss Blanchard, Rancho C. 10:41.83 2003
4th Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 10:34.39 2007
5th Shelby Leland, Ukiah 10:44.68 2002
5th Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 10:23.85 2019
6th Shelby Leland, Ukiah 10:48.69 2004
7th Amber Trotter, Ukiah 10:50.22 2000
7th Harper McClain, St Helena 10:29.68 2019
8th Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 11:03.00 1996

North Coast Section Meet of Champion Winners
1979 Dana Flint, Ukiah 11:04.9
1984 Sherri Minkler, Analy 11:03.5
1987 Jeanise Eisenman, Calistoga 10:50.80
1994 Julia Stamps, Rincon Valley Jr. High 10:28.49
1995 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:19.91
1996 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:13.7
1997 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 10:19.51
1998 Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:41.72
1999 Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:28.75
2000 Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:33.14
2001 Sara Bei, Montgomery 10:17.14
2004 Shelby Leland, Ukiah 10:38.75

3200m All-Time
10:11.11 Sara Bei, Montgomery #1 2001
10:12.20 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa #1 1996
10:13.20 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy #1 2016
10:20.74+ Amber Trotter, Ukiah #1 2002
10:23.85 Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg #1 2019
10:29.68 Harper McClain, St Helena #1 2019
10:30.82 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa #2 1997
10:34.39 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande #1 2007
10:37.32 Shelby Leland, Ukiah #2 2002
10:37.78 Sherri Minkler, Analy #1 1985

10:40.32*i Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo #1 2002
10:41.82 Delaney White, Santa Rosa #3 2016
10:41.83 Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate #1 2003
10:48.14+ Lori Shanoff, Petaluma #1 1981
10:50.80 Jeanise Eisenman, Calistoga #1 1987

High School 3000m
9:19.63 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1996, = to 10:00.89 3200m, #14 US, #5 CA, #1 US So., #1 CA Fr.
9:30.29 Sara Bei, Montgomery 2001, 9:46.70 1999
9:43.38 Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg 2019, Enroute
9:49.61 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2015
9:51.21 Harper McClain, St. Helena 2019
9:52.24+ Sherri Minkler, Analy 1985, = to 10:35.74+ 3200m
9:58. Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1996
9:59.76 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2008
10:07.24+ Lori Shanoff, Petaluma 1981
10:10.19 Phyliss Blanchard, Rancho Cotate 2003

10:10.44+ Dana Flint, Ukiah 1981
10:13.36 Nicole Lane, El Molino 2012 Stanford
10:16.98 Kate Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2016
10:17.56i Sydnie Rivas, Maria Carrillo 2018
10:20.64+ Jeanise Eisenman, Calistoga 1987

Adult 3,000 METERS
8:44.11 Kim Conley, USA (Montgomery ’04) at New York, 6/14/14, 8:48.35i
8:53.72i Sara Bei, Stanford (Montgomery ‘01) at Reggie Lewis T&A Center, Boston, Mass 3/1/09
9:16.47 Julia Stamps, Stanford (Santa Rosa HS ‘96)
9:25.64 Laurie Hollingworth, SSU (Piner) 1988 SSU
9:37.34 Jolly Earle, SSU 1989
9:43.38 Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg 2019, Enroute
9:44.57 Michelle Anderson “Tani”, SSU (Montgomery ‘78) 1983
9:49.10 Sarah Sumpter, Davis (Healdsburg ’08) at Stanford 3/6/10
9:49.61 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4/3/15 Stanford
9:50.93 Alia Gray, ? (Maria Carrillo ’07)Davis 3/10/12

compiled by Jim Crowhurst