State Cross Country Championship Preview

Woodward Park, Fresno

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Preview story, includes Hanne Thomsen, Ashlin Mallon and Maria Carrillo girls
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DIV V Boys 8:30 AM
Healdsburg junior Kaeden Anderson
Last year as a sophomore Anderson placed 46th in this race and will look for a much lower place this year.

Kaeden Anderson

DIV I Boys 9:00 AM

DIV V Girls 9:30 AM
Technology freshman Josie Hill
This will be Hill’s first state meet of what will be hopefully four trips.

Josie Hill

DIV I Girls 10:00 AM

DIV II Boys 10:30 AM

DIV III Girls 11:00 AM
Maria Carrillo, Montgomery & Analy’s Stella Finley
This will probably be the highlight division of the day for the Redwood Empire.
Montgomery junior Hanne Thomsen will be going for her third straight win. Former Viking great Sara Bei/Hall was actually the first girl in state history to win state all four years.
The Montgomery team is back after placing 7th last year but it is their other two juniors who have the potential to shine all on their own.
Seelah Kittelstrom placed 16th last year and Amrie Lacefield both could be right up with the lead pack aiming for high honors.
Maria Carrillo has had a team here ever year the meet has been held since 2011 minus 2019. This years team is lead by freshman Ashlin Mallon who could probably get a fewer pointers from here mom, Julia Stamps/Mallon, as who holds four of the nine fastest times ever run on this course and held the course record for 16 years.
Analy sophomore Stella Finley has a shot at being the only other Tiger runner to ever crack the top 50 besides Jennie Dempsey from 1988 who took 7th in div II.

Stella Finley

Maria Carrillo


Here is what the Viking teammates have to say about each other.

Amrie Lacefield by Seelah Kittelstrom
“Amrie is very responsible and you can always count on her for a ribbon, hair tie, or extra pair of sweatpants. But more importantly she is super fun to run and hang out with. There’s no better captain, teammate, or friend!”

Cora Morthole by Sydney Stroud
“Cora always puts everything out there when she’s racing even when the conditions are bad or others are doubting she never fails to succeed in accomplishing her goals in a race. Cora is a kind teammate and always remembers to congratulate her friends after races or comfort them through the bad races.”

Hanne Thomsen by Katherine Thomas
“Brings a really inspiring energy to the team. She always motivates us to do our best and she leads by example in that respect too.”

Katherine Thomas by Seelah Kittelstrom/Amrie Lacefield
“Katie is always at practice working hard. She never complains and always has a positive attitude!”

Seelah Kittelstrom by Amrie Lacefield
“She works hard during practice and loves running mileage. She is a great training partner and competitor. We have a great balance of friendship and the ability to race each other, pushing each other to be our best. .”

Serena Karres by Cora Morthole
“After running by your side for so long, I have gotten the chance to experience first hand how you strive for your goals in such an extraordinary way. Your devotion to your teammates and to each race is really a trait to be cherished, along with your ambitious personality. Your resilience makes you such a dependable person and your humor never fails to cheer me up.”

Sydney Stroud by Serena Karres
“Sydney is one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet and you can always count on her to be there if you need someone. She will always be there to cheer you on and make you laugh. She can make any run pass by whether it’s by singing taylor swift or high school musical or doing H2O impressions.”

DIV IV Boys 11:30 AM

DIV II Girls 12:00 PM

DIV III Boys 12:30 PM
Maria Carrillo & Windsor’s Xavier Surgeon
Maria Carrillo was established in 1997. They made their first trip to state in 2003 and this year will be their 17th appearance since then. That is what is called a dynasty.
Windsor sophomore Xavier Surgeon is making his first trip to state and will be shooting for the Jaguars only other top 50 finisher besides Lucas Chung who did it in 2017 and 2018.

Xavier Surgeon

Maria Carrillo

DIV IV Girls 1:00 PM
Petaluma senior Reilly Kreutz is making a return trip to state after claiming 89th last year. Cracking the top 50 would be a feather in her cap to finish a great season.
Reilly Kreutz

Fastest Redwood Empire Times on current Woodward 3.1 mile course.
Best Colton Swinth, Maria Carrillo 2019 15:11
Best Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 16:43 1996

2022 Results

Redwood Empire Top 10 Finishes in races we are in this year
Division III
1st Celedonio Rodriquez, Elsie Allen 1998
1st Colton Swinth, Maria Carrillo 2019
2nd Rory Smail, Maria Carrillo 2019
4th Nate Kabanuck, Casa Grande 1999
4th* Jude Devries, Montgomery 2022
5th Luis Luna, Piner 2011, 6th ’10
6th Ryan Mack, Ukiah 1996, 19th ’97
6th Alex Conner, Sonoma Valley 2011
7th Ricky Esponda, Casa Grande 1992
8th Sterling Lockert, Petaluma 2008
9th Hugh Dowdy, Petaluma 2009, 28th ’08
10th Dawit Tesfasilas, Piner 2004
10th Forrest Shaffer, Petaluma 2010
2nd Maria Carrillo 2019
3rd Petaluma 2008
3rd Piner 2011
3rd Maria Carrillo 2021
5th Ukiah 1997
5th Petaluma 2009
6th Maria Carrillo 2018
7th Maria Carrillo 2007
7th Petaluma 2010
10th Maria Carrillo 2017

Division V
1st Andre Williams, Sonoma Academy 2018, 4th ’17
2nd Brian Cole, St. Helena 2006
3rd Brian Schulz, El Molino 2016
6th Tiernan Colby, Sonoma Academy 2022
9th Austin Orr, Sonoma Academy 2012

Division III
1st Sara Bei, Montgomery 1997 & 1998
1st Hanne Thomsen, Montgomery 2021 & 2022
3rd Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 2000, 3rd 1999, 4th 1998
7th Jonette Vollmer, Fort Bragg 1989, 9th ’88
8th Sarah Bashel, Montgomery 1998
8th Leanne Fogg, Maria Carrillo 2006
9th Isabel Andrade, Petaluma 2008
9th Leah Haley, Montgomery 2018
10th Sydnie Rivas, Maria Carrillo 2017
3rd Maria Carrillo 2006
3rd Maria Carrillo 2008
4th Maria Carrillo 2007
5th Montgomery 1997
5th Maria Carrillo 2018
6th Maria Carrillo 2017
7th Fort Bragg 1988
7th Maria Carrillo 2021
7th Montgomery 2022
8th Maria Carrillo 2000
9th Montgomery 1998

Division IV
1st Sarah Sumpter, Healdsburg 2007
2nd Melody Haas, Clear Lake 1993
3rd Brittny Escamilla, El Molino 2006
7th Nicole Lane, El Molino 2011
8th Sarah Hallas, Ursuline 1997, 10th ’96
8th Laurel Weil, El Molino 1998

Division V
1st Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2014, 2015 & 2017, 6th ’16
1st Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 2018
1st Harper McClain, St Helena 2019
3rd Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg 2000
5th Alyssa Goody, Sonoma Academy 2014
7th Stephanie Agapoff, Middletown 2001
7th Katy Lee, Sonoma Academy 2010
8th Kate Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2016, 10th ’17

Redwood Empire State Champions
Div 2
Ryan Mack, Ukiah 1998
Div 3
Colton Swinth, Maria Carrillo 2019
Celedonia Rodriguez, Elsie Allen 1998
Div. 4
Andre Williams, Sonoma Academy 2018
Div 1
Amber Trotter, Ukiah *2001
Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1997
Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa *1994, *1995 & *1996
Div 2
Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2009, 2nd Julie Nacouzi, Montgomery
Sara Bei, Montgomery *1999, 2000, First 4-time State Champion in California History
Div 3
Sara Bei, Montgomery *1997, *1998
Hanne Thomsen, Montgomery 2021, 2022
Div 4
Sarah Sumpter, Healdsburg 2007
Div 5
Harper McClain, St. Helena 2019
Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 2018
Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2014, 2015 & 2017
Div 2
Montgomery 2000
* – Fastest time of all divisions.

School Bests
best qualifier:
Jennie Dempsey 7th div II 1988, 56th ’87
last qualifier:
Emma Douch, 76th div 3 ’15

best qualifier:
Jack Vanden Heuval, 27th V 2018
last qualifier:
Kaeden Anderson, 46th V 2022

best qualifier:
Colton Swinth, 1st III 2019
Rory Smail, 2nd III 2019
Team: 2nd III ’19, 3rd III ’21, 6th III ’18, 7th III ’07, 10th III ’17, 11th III ’06, 11th II ’12, 12th III ’04, 13th II ’03, 14th II ’13, 15th III ’16, 16th III ’22, 17th II ’05 & ’15, 18th II ’14, 21st III ’11
last qualifier:
Team lead by Benjamin Choe 89th III 2022

best qualifier:
Jenny Aldridge 3rd II 2001, 3rd III 1999 & 2000 & 4th 1998
Leanne Fogg 8th III
Amy Robinson 10th II 2001, 21st ’02
Sydnie Rivas 10th III 2017
Team: 2nd II ’04, 3rd III ’06 & ’08, 4th III ’07, 5th II ’01, 5th III ’18, 6th III ’17, 7th II ’05 & III ’21, 8th III ’00, 12th III ’11, 13th III ’19, 14th III ’16, 15th II ’02-’03, ’13 & ’22, 17th II ’12 & ’14, 20th II ’15
last qualifier:
Team lead by Rebekah Taylor 72nd 2022

Sara Bei 1st II ’99 & ’00 & 1st III ’97 & ’98
Hanne Thomsen 1st III ’21 & ’22
Julie Nacouzi 2nd II ’09, 46th II ’08
Kim Conley 4th II ’01, 6th ’03, 9th ’02
Sarah Bashel 8th III 1998, 14th II 2000 & 41st 1999
Leah Haley 9th III ’18
Team: 1st II ’00, 3rd II ’01, 3rd II ’02, 5th III ’97, 7th III ’22, 9th III ’98, 22nd II ’06
last qualifier:
Team led by Hanne Thomsen 1st III ’22

best qualifier:
Isabel Andrade 9th III ’08, 19th ’09
Team 17th III ’09
last qualifier:
Reilly Kreutz 89th III ’22

only qualifier:
Iris Berto 18th div 5 2017, 20th ’16, 28th ’15

best qualifier:
Lucas Chung, 12th III 2018, 46th III 2017
last qualifier:
Hunter Larson, 103rd III 2019