What season is it anyway?

This COVID pandemic has turned our lives upside down in so many ways.
Here we go into March and we have a total cross over of cross country and track & field both going on at the same time.
Some schools are doing just one of these two sports this year and others are doing both.

Already we have already seen Lily Mulligan tie the Empire Record in the Pole Vault at 12-3 and Harper McClain blaze a 10:39.52 3200m.
And most of our kids are just starting cross country races right now.

I’m trying hard to keep up with what is happening around the Redwood Empire but it seems things are changing from week to week.
Thankfully for the better for the most part.
Some schools are doing both sports while others are just doing one; either cross country or track & field.
The Coastal Mountain Conference has a real mishmash going on.
They have started practice already for both sports.
Their cross country league meets will conclude on Wednesday April 14th and then the following Wednesday they will have their first track meet on the 21st of April.
Meanwhile other leagues are not allowing school track practices until March 29th.
At this time no Invitationals are allowed in some areas but no telling whether that might change in the coming days.
No matter what I’m just glad that this good and healthy part of our lives is back.
OK class of 2021 show us what ya got.