Everything you wanted to know about track & field and cross country

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Fundamentals of Coaching
Coaching Tips
Coaching education & certificates
Coaching Pole Vault
Being a Successful Male Coach of Female Runners
Pre-Competition Nerves
What Coaches Need To Know About Eating

Technique of events

Block Starts Getting the Basics Right
Weekly Sprint Training Program
How Usain Bolt created history and became the fastest man ever.
How do they get going so quickly?
Stride Length vs Stride Frequency in the 400 Metres
How fast can a human run?
10 Research Articles
Sprint Mechanics – Sprint Form Analyzed – Biomechanics
Warmup Demonstrations: Lauryn Williams 100 gold medalist at the 2005 World Championships
Curve Running Tips
Drills for Sprinters
The key to increasing your speed
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4×100 & 4×400 Relay Success
Master the Relay Handoff for Faster Times
4x100m Relay Stagger Drill
Relay pass
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More training videos
Distance Training – an Evidence Based Perspective & Cardiovascular, Neuromuscular Focus
Building from the Distance Foundation – Evidence & Application
Diversifying the Distance Foundation Additional Evidence & Specific Applications
Form Drills with Dathan Ritzenhein
Kim Conley’s Race Day Routine
Do I Need A Cool-Down After Running In The Cold?
Mo Farah Running Technique: Learn to Run Faster
Why are Kenyans so good at distance running?
How to Handle Running in the Heat
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What’s the Difference Between Fartlek, Tempo, and Interval Runs?
Why You Get the Runner’s High—But Your Workout Buddy Doesn’t
A Runner’s Guide to Marathon Training

Hurdle Drills and Sprint Hurdle Training for High School Athletes
300 Meter Hurdle Training
High Hurdle Technique: Guy Drut
Speed and Power Drills: Hurdles
Improving the lead Leg
one step drills
Intermediate Hurdles: Tips and Drills
Frequency Drills for Hurdlers!
Approach Drills for Clearing the Hurdles Properly!
Lower Your Times When Using these Excellent Hurdling Tips!
Takeoffs & Touchdowns for Hurdles
Get Over Hurdles Smoothly and with More Endurance!
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High Jump
What’s The Best High Jump Technique?
20 Drills & Techniques for Teaching the High Jump
Discover Proper Takeoff Technique for the High Jump!
Anatomy of a High Jumper with Derek Drouin
High Jump Form Slow Motion
6-4 Approach for the High Jump!
Aspects of the High Jump : High Jump Tips
Technique for the Top of the Bar!
Curriculum Guide to the High Jump
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Help, I have to Coach the High Jump!
3 1/2 Things that Matter in the High Jump

Pole Vault
Pole Vault Coaching Series
The Mindset of the Pole Vaulter
Curriculum Guide to the Pole Vault
Step-by-Step for Beginners to Pole Vault
Technique’s revolution in Pole Vault
Renaud Lavillenie’s world record pole vault in slow motion
Incredible slow motion video of 17 year old pole vaulting superstar Mondo Duplantis clearing prep record
Speed & Power Drills: Pole Vault
Pole Vault pop up inversion drill
3 Best Vault Drills. ALL LEVELS!
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Long & Triple Jumps
Basic Horizontal Jumps
Drills & Training for Success in the Triple Jump
Flight Mechanics for the Long Jump
A Step by Step Way to Understand the Basics of the Triple Jump
Plyometric Drills for Long Jumpers!
London 2012 Olympics Triple Jump Men Slowmo
Long Jump slow motion form analysis
Lengthen All Phases of Your Triple Jump!
Common Errors and Corrections Triple Jump
Triple Jump using a Great Progression Workout!
The secret of triple jump by jonathan edwards
Establish a Consistent Approach for Horizontal Jumps!
30 Drills & Techniques for Teaching the Long Jump
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Rotational Teaching Progressions for Shot & Discus
How to Put a Shot ft. Reese Hoffa | Olympians’ Tips
Slomo of discus
Discus Video #9 – Proper Block and Release
Shot put – Ryan Crouser Olympic record 73′ 10 1/2″ SLO-MO
World Record Shot Put slow motion form analysis – Glide Technique
Teaching Progression for the Shot Put
Glide Progressions for the Shot Put
Teaching Progression for the Discus
Introduction to the Discus
How to Hold the Discus!
Holding the Shot
Coaching Glide and Rotational Shot Put
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Cross Country
5 Coaching Lessons From the Woman Who Transforms Walk-Ons Into NCAA Stars
25 Golden Rules of Running
Running On Air: Breathing Technique
Seven Pillars of Running Wisdom
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Strength training
10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners
8 Week General Strength Progression
Strength & Power Training
How to Lift for Speed without Time or Space – Mass Specific Force
Combining Weights & Plyometrics to Build Jump & Sprint Power

Nutrition & health
Basic Sports Nutrition Guidelines Boost Health And Performance
Finding Your Line: How to Strike a Balance Between Training And Life
7 Foods That Are Totally Messing With Your Sleep
Caffeine What Energy Drinks Actually Do to Your Body
Congested for Months
Eat Like an Elite: Alia Gray
Tips to Control Pre-Race Anxiety
How sleep impacts athletic performance
Human growth hormone and sleep

Care and prevention of injuries
Injured? Thoughts from Sara Hall
Acid Reflux While Running
Achilles tendinitis (pain anywhere along the back of the tendon, but usually close to the heel)
Blisters interview with podiatrist Rebecca Rushton
Blister Treatment and Prevention Tips
Concussion for Students
Foot pain
Hip pain
Heat Illness, Prevention Video
ID of Heat Illness
Iliotibial Band Syndrome (swelling and pain on the outside of the knee)
Plantar fasciitis (deep ache in the middle of the heel or along the arch of the foot)
Runner’s knee (tenderness behind the back of the knee)
Shin Splints
Stretching Part 1 Part 2, Video
Stress fracture, Why Young Runners Get This
Staying Motivated Through Injuries
Adriana Barich on how mental illness ending collegiate athletic careers
How Injuries Can Actually Improve Your Performance By Alia Gray

Female issues Hey whats a better word than issues?
To Thrive, Many Young Female Athletes Need A Lot More Food Written Audio
Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman
Eat up! Girls require steady fuel to thrive
What is the Triad?
Fueling the Runner: Bone Health
Iron Level Upkeep For Runners
America’s Next Great Running Hope, and One of the Cruelest Twists in Youth Sports
Reebok’s PureMove Is the Bra of the Future
Being a Successful Male Coach of Female Runners
What Coaches Need To Know About Eating

Fleet Feet
Heart & Sole Sports
The Most Common Running Gear Questions—Answered
7 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Cross Country Running Shoes

This would be legally, like within your school
Transfer Eligibility
How I was recruited to the sport of Track & Field

Coaching Advise
Jim Underhill
Pat LaFortune
Carrie Joseph
Doug Courtemarche

Tents at track meets

Ron Kamaka, “Never give up!” HJ 7-3½ Arizona State Univ. (Rancho Cotate ’81, SRJC ’83) 1984
Ryan Hall breaking away to a 59:43 American record in Houston.
Montgomery Motivational Practice Video 2017
The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic
5 Star Wars Quotes That Can Be Perfect Running Mantras
Running slogans
Cross Country is……. by Greg Hall
Cross Country is also……. by Greg Hall
The Runner with the Broken Heart.
2018 MEL XC Champions!
Discus Throw – 100 years of Champions
Good inspirational cross country stuff on youtube
100m High Hurdler falls to ground and still wins race, must watch

Timing & result company’s
diablo timing
rt timing
Also contact Phil Watkins, [email protected], 916/482-1473

Officiating and Rules
NFHS Rule Changes and Interpretations
What is a scrimmage meet
What’s up with times in track?

College scholarships
Ultimate Recruiting Guide for High School Athletes
How to Earn a Scholarship for Track and Field
Be wary of athletic scholarships
How tough is it to get a full-ride to an NCAA I Power 5 School
A Parent’s Guide To The Recruiting Process

World Records
Every Official Men’s 100m World Record
100m 10.49 Florence Griffith Joyner
Top 10 – Fastest 200m Races
200m 21.34 Florence Griffith Joyner
Michael Johnson Breaks 200m & 400m Olympic Records – Atlanta 1996 Olympics
Rio Replay: Men’s 400m Sprint Final
800m David Rudisha 1:40.91
Men’s 110m Hurdles Sprints of all time
Kendra Harrison breaks 100 meter hurdles WORLD RECORD in 12.20 seconds!
Pole Vault WR Indoor 20-3.25
Discus World Records

Redwood Empire great moments
Sherri Minkler, Analy 1985 State 3200m 4th 10:37.78, blue outfit
Marc Spina, Montgomery 1986 State 800m 5th 1:52.36, lane 2 red shorts
Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 1986 State 300m LH 5th 43.55, lane 7
Mike Koellsted, Calistoga 1986 State 110mHH 7th 14.77, lane 1
Sharon Polley, El Molino 1988 State 100LH 14.55, lane 2
Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 1987 State 300LH 43.27, lane 8 again on the 9 lane track.
Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1994 Footlocker Nationals
Sara Bei, Montgomery 2000 Footlocker Nationals
Amber Trotter, Ukiah 2001 Footlocker Nationals
Jenny Aldridge/Sara Bei 1-2 state meet 1600
Jenny Aldridge second state meet 1600 in 4:55.94
Withers 4:14.16, Tesfasilassie 4:16.66, Cody 4:19.42 2004 NCS 1600
Santa Rosa 49.50, Montgomery 49.66 2011 NBL Finals 4×100 Meter Relay
Courtney Tuck, Petaluma 5/4/11 HJ 5-6
Danielle Steffen, Petaluma 2011 NCS PV 11-9
Luis Luna, Piner 2011 State 3200 8:55.43
Kathleen Durand, Maria Carrillo 2013 State DT 144-3
2015 Rylee Bowen 4:43.92 MOC 1600 win
Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 2017 NCS 100 11.89 +0.5, lane 5
Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 2017 NCS 200 24.35 +0.7, lane 6
Maria Carrillo girls 400 Relay 48.24 2017, heat 2 lane 5 white tops
Lauren Wallace #142 (Ukiah ’08) & 2:05.92 Kim Conley #128 (Montgomery ’04) at Seattle indoor 1/18/14
2019 Gabrielle “Gabby” Peterson 4:49.34 vsSierra Atkins 4:51.84 NBL Finals
Kim Conley’s amazing Olympic qualifier 5000

Funny stuff
A Fun watch of the Decathalon
Hammer Throw?
Facebook Hurdle dance
Before they were famous/Facebook
Can’t sleep?/Facebook
Humor T-Shirts
Not so fast! Irish runner gets entangled in a freak accident/youtube.com
Michelle Jenneke hurdles in wedding dress/youtube.com
Don’t Be That Awkward Runner/youtube.com
hurdler destroys everything in path/youtube.com
Funny track excerp from story

Running Movies

Music playlists
Sara Hall’s Pre-Race Playlist

guide to track & field photography
Three Tips: Covering Track & Field
How to Photograph Cross Country Meets
Sports Photography Techniques