10/22 CMC meet

2.97 mile Spring Lake County Park course, since 1987

Sonoma Academy’s Tiernan Colby (16:03) and Lucy Gott (18:52) both moved into the CMC’s All-Time top 10 at Spring Lake with there times here.

All-Time CMC Lists
Andre Williams, Sonoma Academy #1 Sep. 12, 2018 15:24
Brian Cole, St. Helena #1 October 2006 15:28
Westley Methum, Rincon Vly Christian #1 Oct. 12, 2016 15:32
Kenny Smith, Willits #1 November 2007 15:36
Mike Perez, Lower Lake #1 November 2005 15:48
Joey Johnson, Sonoma Academy Oct. 12, 2016 15:50
Zach Nave, Santa Rosa Christian #1 October 2007 15:51
Brady English, Rincon Valley Christian Sep. 12, 2018 15:52
Kheva Mann, Sonoma Academy Oct. 25, 2017 15:55
Tiernan Colby, Sonoma Academy Oct. 22, 2021 16:03
Top 50 list

Harper McClain, St. Helena #1 November 2019 17:18
Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy #1 Oct. 14 2014 17:36
Katy Lee, Sonoma Academy Sep. 14, 2011 18:30
Kate Bowen, Sonoma Academy Oct. 12 2016 18:36
Alyssa Goody, Sonoma Academy Oct. 14 2014 18:37
Erin Thomas, Mendocino #1 Oct. 26, 2013 18:45
Mckenna Sell, Sonoma Academy Sep 16 2015 18:52
Lucy Gott, Sonoma Academy Oct 22, 2021 18:52
Alyssa Hammer, Rincon Valley Christian #1 Sep. 12, 2018 19:02
Melody Haas, Clear Lake #1 1993 19:03
Top 50 list

Sonoma Academy 25 (1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12)
Mendo 72 (2, 8, 19, 21, 22)
Point Arena 84 (7, 14, 15, 17, 31)
Technology 90 (3, 18, 20, 24, 25, 26, 28)
Credo 90 (11, 13, 16, 23, 27, 29, 30)

Credo 15, Others Inc.

Nike Nationals & Footlocker West

St Helena’s Harper McClain was one of California’s representatives at the Nike Nationals in Oregon today, 12/7/19.
McClain finished in 65th with more than 200 of the best cross country runners in the nation toeing the line.
She was 7th among California runners.
New Yorks Katelyn Tuohy won her third straight title but by the smallest of margins as two others closed to within one second of her at the finish.
Photos are screen shots.

Katelyn Tuohy holds on for the win.

McClain before the start

McClain before the start



McClain after finishing

Girls top 5
TAYLOR EWERT, Ohio 17:19.05
SYDNEY THORVALDSON, Wyoming 17:19.37
MARLEE STARLIPER, Pennsylvania 17:35.86

65th HARPER McCLAIN, St Helena 18:53.07

Boys top 5
JOSH METHNER, Illinois 15:06.03
CALEB BROWN, Ohio 15:08.22
CONNOR OHLSON, Colorado 15:08.99

Footlocker West
Girls Championships
The winner of the race, Mia Barnett, is the girl who placed 2nd to Harper McClain by 45 seconds in the State V Championships.
49th Mary Deeik, Vintage 18:21.9
91st Ashley Busienei, Maria Carrillo 19:12.8

Junior Boys
24th Isaac Rascon, MIDDLETOWN 14:30.6

Let me know who else ran? [email protected]

Daniel Skandera breaks yet another world record

Santa Rosa’s Daniel Skandera just gets faster and faster.
Daniel has age group world records for distances between 600 meters and 5,000.
His latest was at the 1,500 meter distance.
In a race in Oakland on November 1st he ran the distance in 4:21.2 to erase the old 11 year old record of 4:21.98 by Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway.
Daniel now has all the records from 6 years old to eleven at this distance. Ingebrigtsen currently holds all the records from 14 years old to 18 with his latest at 3:30.16.
The Olympic meet record for the event is 3:32.07 minutes.
Daniles time is equal to about 4:40.72 for 1600 meters.
Ingebrigtsen is a Norwegian middle-distance runner. He won two gold medals at the 2018 European Championships, in the 1500 and 5000 metres events. On July 20, 2019, at the London Diamond League, Ingebrigtsen broke Norway’s national record in the 5000 m with his time of 13:02.03


 5 5:46.6    Tamrat Gavenas             USA 25 Jul 07 New York NY        15 Jun 13
 6 5:21.9    Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Santa Rosa CA       5 Aug 14
 7 5:00.2    Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Santa Rosa CA       9 Jun 15
 8 4:51.9    Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Santa Rosa CA       9 Aug 16
 9 4:38.63   Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Lawrence KS        30 Jul 17
10 4:26.4    Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Santa Rosa CA      24 Jul 18
11 4:21.2    Daniel Skandera            USA  2 Nov 07 Oakland CA          1 Nov 19
12 4:12.37   Takuya Hanyu               JPN  8 Nov 97 Yokohama           24 Oct 10
13 4:01.27   Dalibor Balgač             CRO 22 Sep 77 Kapfenberg         11 May 91
14 3:48.37   Jakob Ingebrigtsen         NOR 19 Sep 00 Stockholm          30 Jul 15
15 3:42.44   Jakob Ingebrigtsen         NOR 19 Sep 00 Oslo                9 Jun 16
16 3:39.92   Jakob Ingebrigtsen         NOR 19 Sep 00 Stockholm          18 Jun 17
17 3:31.18   Jakob Ingebrigtsen         NOR 19 Sep 00 Monaco             20 Jul 18
18 3:30.16   Jakob Ingebrigtsen         NOR 19 Sep 00 Lausanne            5 Jul 19

NBL/SCL standings

NBL Varsity Boys

Cardinal Newman 64, Rancho Cotate 50, Ukiah 44
Maria Carrillo 74, Santa Rosa 55, Casa Grande 38
Montgomery 89, Windsor 42

Maria Carrillo and Rancho Cotate at Windsor not reported
Casa Grande 80, Montgomery 63, Cardinal Newman 27
SR 106, Ukiah 28

Maria Carrillo 91, Montgomery 54, Ukiah 23
Santa Rosa 108, Windsor 42, Cardinal Newman 22
Casa 83, Rancho 43

NBL Varsity Girls

Ukiah – 60, Cardinal Newman – 48, Rancho Cotate – 43
Maria Carrillo 80, Santa Rosa 64, Casa Grande 21
Montgomery 96, Windsor 23

Maria Carrillo and Rancho Cotate at Windsor not reported
Casa Grande 82, Montgomery 69, Cardinal Newman 12
SR 121, Ukiah 13

Maria Carrillo 63, Montgomery 52, Ukiah 20
Santa Rosa 111, Cardinal Newman 30, Windsor 17
Casa 100, Rancho 18

SCL Varsity Boys


Analy 65, Healdsburg 64

Petaluma 86, Healdsburg 36, Sonoma Valley 21
Piner 101, Analy 61, Elsie Allen 0

SCL Varsity Girls


Analy 62, Healdsburg 51

Petaluma 104, Healdsburg 36, Sonoma Valley 24
Piner 62, Analy 60, Elsie Allen 10

2018 NCTE Boys

North Coast Track Extravaganza
At Montgomery HS March 10, 2018

Pentathlon score to come
Long Jump
Jack Fricker	        El Molino 	20-08.00	1, Prep best
Lucca Psaila	        San Marin	17-11.00	11
Quaid Bulloch	        Healdsburg	17-01.00	22
Robbie Leng	        RV Christian	16-10.00	26
Fernando Quintero	San Marin	16-02.00	38
Alex Fish-O\'Brien	Healdsburg	15-03.00	44
Charles Fisher	        Montgomery	15-00.00	47
Luca Pastene	        Healdsburg	14-07.00	51

110M Hurdles
Jack Fricker	        El Molino 	16.34	1, SCL leader
Robbie Leng	        RV Christian	17.11	3
Charles Fisher	        Montgomery	20.19	16
Quaid Bulloch	        Healdsburg	20.98	17
Fernando Quintero	San Marin	21.43	18
Lucca Psaila	        San Marin	21.81	20
Luca Pastene	        Healdsburg	22.75	21
Alex Fish-O\'Brien	Healdsburg	23.59	23

High Jump
Robbie Leng	        RV Christian	6-00.00	2, CMC leader
Jack Fricker	        El Molino 	5-02.00	9
Lucca Psaila	        San Marin	5-00.00	13
Quaid Bulloch	        Healdsburg	4-10.00	16
Fernando Quintero	San Marin	4-08.00	17
Alex Fish-O\'Brien	Healdsburg	4-08.00	18
Charles Fisher	        Montgomery	NH	
Luca Pastene	        Healdsburg	NH

Shot Put
Jack Fricker	El Molino 	41-11.00	2, SCL leader
Charles Fisher	Montgomery	31-03.00	21
Robbie Leng	RV Christian	29-11.50	25
Quaid Bulloch	Healdsburg	29-05.50	28
Lucca Psaila	San Marin	29-01.00	33
Fernando Quintero San Marin	28-03.50	36
Alex Fish-O\'Brien Healdsburg	24-01.00	48
Luca Pastene	Healdsburg	20-04.50	54

Fernando Quintero	San Marin	2:07.66	1
Jack Fricker	        El Molino       2:11.66	2
Robbie Leng	        RV Christian 	2:13.79	3
Charles Fisher	        Montgomery	2:15.34	4
Lucca Psaila	        San Marin	2:15.44	5
Quaid Bulloch	        Healdsburg	2:19.62	6
Luca Pastene	        Healdsburg	2:22.38	7
Alex Fish-O\'Brien	Healdsburg	2:26.99	8
110M Hurdles
Old Meet Record 42" 17.04+ Dan Laffan, Casa Grande 1992
Ralph Manalac	        Windsor 	16.95	2
Scott McLaughlin	Windsor 	17.31	4
Bowen Palengat		Rancho Cotate 	17.70	5
Josef Dethlefsen	Santa Rosa	17.90	6
Clay Serrano		El Molino 	17.90	7
Scotty Dolan		RV Christian	18.48	8
Kevin Ainlay		Piner 		18.72	9
James Reagan		Rancho Cotate 	19.16	10
Nicolas Pagan		Windsor 	19.29	11
Jared Dolittle		Cardinal Newman	19.46	12
Ryan Duffy		Cardinal Newman	19.75	13
Ethan Ransome		El Molino 	19.76	14
Aidan Gilmore		Petaluma 	19.77	15
Soujit Ing		Technology 	21.44	19
Jack Berg		Technology 	22.94	22
Christopher Dolcini	Casa Grande	23.80	24
Cale Hawkins		RV Christian	24.69	25

1600M Sprint Medly
Robert Bailey
Linus Rydell
Ryan Nutt
Josue Sanchez	Santa Rosa A	3:51.84	1
Jacob Dietlin
Bryan Mejia-Sanchez
Kai Xue
Luke Baird	Casa Grande D	3:58.33	2
Adrian Hanson
Kheva Mann
Jeremy Sherman
Everett Teran	Sonoma Academy A	4:00.79	3
Dante Godinez
Edgar Bautista
Mason Indrebo
Quaid Bulloch	Healdsburg A	4:00.88	4
Connor Shaw
Ethan Higgins
Ricardo Navarette
Levi Nyberg	Fortuna  A	4:06.84	5
Jake Woods
Jeremy Wu
Jon Johnson
Justin Patterson	Cardinal Newman A	4:07.97	6
Shane Burton
Kevin Ainlay
Roman Gaspar
Pablo Anguiano	Piner  A	4:19.65	7
Cristian Eufracio
Cesar Buenrostro
Ross Sceales
Christopher Lopez	Cloverdale  A	4:20.25	8
Rory Bourdage
Mateo Hernandez
Jonathan Stringer-Stein
Travis McNulty	Santa Rosa B	4:25.41	9
Dante Benedenetti
Thomas Mitten
Allen Gray
Cale Hawkins	RV Christian A	4:25.78	10

Distance Medley
Andrew McKamey
Conor Schott
Langston Hay
Andrew Engel	Santa Rosa A	11:17.79	1
Nathan Hayes
Austin Luong
Emmanuel Delgado
Johnathan Vargas	Piner  A	11:18.78	2
Andrew Gotshall
Simon Holin
Logan Moon
William Hite	Casa Grande B	11:32.28	3
Garrett Esponda
Jalydon Love
Reed Canavan
Owen Hite	Casa Grande A	11:36.34	4
Zachary Passalacqua
Brady English
Isaac Methum
Evan Mackey	RV Christian A	11:41.70	5
Agustin Garcinuno
Bo Cox
Jaden Bruckner
Collin Stockwell	Fortuna  A	11:54.36	6
Paden Collard
Marcos Jimenez
Miguel Gonzalez-Salazar
Carlos Mercado	Cloverdale  A	11:56.90	7
Luke Fuette
Eduardo Garcia
Brendan Loftus
Casey Ross	Sonoma Academy A	11:58.70	8
Cade Gravier
Sean Coursey
Johnathan Rivera
Giovanni Cliburn	Ukiah  A	12:09.84	9
Brandon Alvarado
Kyle Theuerkauf
Joshua Jones
Carson Klein	Montgomery A	12:29.17	10
Dain Milliman
Mario Prado
David Simonyi
Leopold VanDenDaele	Cardinal Newman A	12:29.42	11
Faris Delgado
Tyler Edwards
Benjamin Chi
Steven Grams	Santa Rosa B	12:30.11	12
Benjamin Somma
Reanne Ball
Addison Gaspar
Juan Vasquez	Piner  B	12:30.46	13
Alexis Frias
Christopher Sachen
Luke Baird
Aaron Beaube	Casa Grande C	12:34.89	14
Rory Bourdage
Owen Telloian
Kyle Fleischner
Antonio Lorenzana	Santa Rosa C	13:10.13	15
Zachary Engler
Colten Ronshausen
Reece Lakritz
Erik Carver	Petaluma  A	13:18.96	16
Walker Raugewitz
Lorenzo Diaz
Dylan Dewall
Caleb Mucho	Ukiah  B	13:42.21	17
Maximus Gallo
Christian Rauch
Mark Stout
Matthew Prendiville	Cardinal Newman B	13:42.75	18
Jacob Dietlin
Matthew Giroux
Jacob Allen
Ethan Thompson	Casa Grande D	14:00.46	19
Kibby Tesfamichael
Tan Luong
Jordan Haley
Victor Ochoa	Montgomery B	14:20.18	20

400M hurdles
Clay Serrano	        El Molino 	1:03.26	1
Ralph Manalac	        Windsor 	1:04.70	2
Scotty Dolan	        RV Christian	1:05.73	3
Bowen Palengat	        Rancho Cotate 	1:05.97	4
Christopher Dolcini	Casa Grande	1:06.95	5
Ethan Ransome	        El Molino 	1:07.17	6
Soujit Ing	        Technology 	1:07.94	7
Nicolas Pagan	        Windsor 	1:15.02	8
Tobias Humphreys	Casa Grande	1:18.85	9
Jack Berg	        Technology 	1:19.30	10
Rithik Ranadive	        Casa Grande	1:20.27	11
Nickolas Crossler	Casa Grande	1:20.96	12
Aidan Bozeman	        Healdsburg	1:27.53	13

4X100M Relay
Nathaniel Seims
Brayden Glascock
Wesley Guerra
Trevien Prince	Santa Rosa A	45.60	1, New event Meet Record
Ryan Duffy
Jake Woods
Jeremy Wu
Justin Patterson	Cardinal Newman A	45.86	2
Cyrus Hernandez
JT Luis
Dominic Betti
Noah Holzmann	Rancho Cotate  A	46.13	3
Tyler Hawkins
Willie Maples
Jacob-Rennia Worthy Gutierrez
Trevor Mendenhall	RV Christian A	46.93	4, CMC leader
Jaymes Tischbern
Hunter Wagner
Brent Oru-Craig
Matthew Middleton	Montgomery A	46.99	5
Christopher Sachen
Matthew Wieland
Aedan Hollingshead
Evan Haut	Casa Grande A	47.72	6
Nathan Hale
Devon Hong
John Candau
Chase Pilkington	Petaluma  A	47.79	7
Reanne Ball
Vu Ngo
Ryan Ball
Austin Luong	Piner  A	48.21	8
Giovanni Yepez
Joshua Kozlowski
Jaden Fernandez
Alex Duggan	Montgomery B	48.72	9
Remington Gack
Randy Clay
Robert Bailey
Linus Rydell	Santa Rosa B	49.24	10
Jared Dolittle
Jackson Pavitt
Samuel Mayer
George Grant	Cardinal Newman B	49.36	11
Jasper Cauckwell
Kody Smith
Daniel Lieben
Sean Coursey	Ukiah  A	50.61	12
Jacob Pearson
Justin Hall
Kyle Uber
Cody Johnson	Casa Grande B	50.73	13
Daylan Martinez
Frank Alonso
Jameal McKinney
Jesus Salazar	Rancho Cotate  B	51.38	14
Dylan Antelme
Martin Payne
Bryan Mejia-Sanchez
Daniel Lubliner	Casa Grande C	51.58	15
George Albers
Jack Kooba
Jeremy Felix
Truman Costello	Healdsburg A	52.62	16
Scott Wang
Hector Vega
Camden Weaver
Samuel Davison	Cardinal Newman C	55.28	17
Jacob Evers
Kai Xue
Simon Holin
Rithik Ranadive	Casa Grande D	59.07	18
Connor Shaw
Draven Boyd
Ethan Higgins
Juan Patino	Fortuna  A	DQ	

4X1600M Relay
Reed Canavan
Logan Moon
Owen Hite
William Hite	Casa Grande A	19:04.43	1
Luke Fuette
Brendan Loftus
Kheva Mann
Alex Pallais	Sonoma Academy A	19:06.70	2
Andrew Engel
Andrew McKamey
Langston Hay
Samuel Joslyn	Santa Rosa A	19:07.65	3
Nathan Hayes
Emmanuel Delgado
Johnathan Vargas
Benjamin Somma	Piner  A	19:20.21	4
Landon McAlister
Lucas Chung
Vincent Corday
Hunter Larson	Windsor  A	19:41.82	5
Zachary Passalacqua
Brady English
Simon Peterson
Isaac Methum	RV Christian A	19:45.43	6
Andrew Gotshall
Alexis Frias
Garrett Esponda
Matthew Giroux	Casa Grande B	19:57.40	7
Conor Schott
Faris Delgado
Steven Grams
Tyler Edwards	Santa Rosa B	20:35.18	8
Addison Gaspar
Lorenzo Alvarez
Juan Vasquez
Jeremiah Cano	Piner  B	20:50.33	9
Dain Milliman
Leopold VanDenDaele
David Simonyi
Mario Prado	Cardinal Newman A	21:03.98	10
Jack Dunbar
Colten Ronshausen
Liam Selstrom
Michael Pichardo	Petaluma  A	21:31.56	11
Brandon Alvarado
Kyle Theuerkauf
Hayden Dalsing
Joshua Jones	Montgomery A	21:41.45	12
Sebastian Lopez
Kyle Fleischner
Antonio Lorenzana
Henry Bowen	Santa Rosa C	22:42.02	13
Jacob Allen
Luke Baird
Aaron Beaube
Jacob Dietlin	Casa Grande C	22:42.49	14
Benjamin Kvamme
Adrian Burger
Robert Carrillo
Cameron Harbour	Windsor  B	23:03.64	15
Eleazar Salas
Carlos Perez
Alonso Montes
Lenny Morales	Rancho Cotate  A	24:33.32	16
Kibby Tesfamichael
Victor Ochoa
Pablo Beas
Jordan Haley	Montgomery B	24:51.71	17

4X200M Relay
Trevien Prince
Nathaniel Seims
Randy Clay
Wesley Guerra	Santa Rosa A	1:34.92	1
Cyrus Hernandez
Dominic Betti
JT Luis
Noah Holzmann	Rancho Cotate  A	1:37.55	2
Jake Woods
Jeremy Wu
Ryan Duffy
Justin Patterson	Cardinal Newman A	1:39.03	3
Kyle Molder
Tyler Hawkins
Jacob-Rennia Worthy Gutierrez
Trevor Mendenhall	RV Christian A	1:39.29	4
Nathan Hale
Devon Hong
John Candau
Jack Sullivan	Petaluma  A	1:41.31	5
Draven Boyd
Juan Patino
Ricardo Navarette
Ethan Higgins	Fortuna  A	1:41.37	6
Quaid Bulloch
Jack Kooba
George Albers
Jeremy Felix	Healdsburg A	1:42.02	7
Robert Bailey
Allen Baker
Josef Dethlefsen
Linus Rydell	Santa Rosa B	1:43.60	8
George Grant
Jared Dolittle
Samuel Mayer
Jackson Pavitt	Cardinal Newman B	1:47.45	9
Henry Kullberg
Bailey Williams
Brenden Streeter
Tristan Archer	Technology  A	1:47.78	10
Kaden Smith
Jacob Mello
Giovanni Cliburn
Lorenzo Diaz	Ukiah  A	1:50.82	11
Jameal McKinney
Jesus Salazar
Daylan Martinez
Frank Alonso	Rancho Cotate  B	1:52.14	12
4X800M Relay
Reed Canavan
Garrett Esponda
Logan Moon
William Hite	Casa Grande A	8:52.00	1
Hunter Larson
John Cionci
Lucas Chung
Vincent Corday	Windsor  A	8:53.65	2
Owen Telloian
Elijah Willis
Sebastian Lopez
Ryan Nutt	Santa Rosa B	9:06.03	3
Agustin Garcinuno
Bo Cox
Collin Stockwell
Jaden Bruckner	Fortuna  A	9:06.15	4
Mario Prado
Dain Milliman
Leopold VanDenDaele
David Simonyi	Cardinal Newman A	9:09.33	5
Owen Hite
Alexis Frias
Matthew Giroux
Andrew Gotshall	Casa Grande B	9:10.61	6
Sean Coursey
Aidan Lagorio
Colin Farr
Diego Maurer	Ukiah  A	9:22.13	7
Zachary Passalacqua
Simon Peterson
Brady English
Evan Mackey	RV Christian A	9:23.62	8
Ryan Ball
Jeremiah Cano
Pablo Anguiano
Shane Burton	Piner  A	9:26.52	9
John Dow
Mason Indrebo
Dante Godinez
Edgar Ortiz	Healdsburg A	9:27.83	10
Conor Schott
Benjamin Chi
Nathan Cook
Tyler Edwards	Santa Rosa A	9:27.88	11
Benjamin Kvamme
Landon McAlister
Cameron Harbour
Joshua Aguayo	Windsor  B	9:55.28	12
Maximus Gallo
Mark Stout
Christian Rauch
Matthew Prendiville	Cardinal Newman B	10:03.13	13
Brandon Alvarado
Kyle Theuerkauf
Hayden Dalsing
Joshua Jones	Montgomery A	10:07.78	14
Jack Dunbar
Colten Ronshausen
Nathan Turner
Michael Pichardo	Petaluma  A	10:09.82	15
Aaron Beaube
Luke Baird
Jacob Dietlin
Jacob Allen	Casa Grande C	10:10.30	16
Lorenzo Diaz
Caleb Mucho
Jacob Sheldon
Walker Raugewitz	Ukiah  B	10:15.99	17
Diego Acosta
Lenny Morales
Alonso Montes
Eleazar Salas	Rancho Cotate  A	10:46.57	18
Kibby Tesfamichael
Victor Ochoa
Tan Luong
Jordan Haley	Montgomery B	12:11.80	19

800M Sprint Medly
Trevien Prince
Nathaniel Seims
Wesley Guerra
Remington Gack	Santa Rosa A	1:39.42	1
Jeremy Wu
Jake Woods
Justin Patterson
David Simonyi	Cardinal Newman A	1:41.06	2
Carmelo Salas
Avery Ransome
Ethan Ransome
Clay Serrano	El Molino  A	1:43.32	3
Aedan Hollingshead
Matthew Wieland
Jalydon Love
Christopher Sachen	Casa Grande A	1:43.79	4
John Candau
Devon Hong
Jack Sullivan
Nathan Hale	Petaluma  A	1:44.60	5
Ricardo Anorga
Vu Ngo
Austin Luong
Minh Nguyen	Piner  A	1:46.05	6
Cesar Buenrostro
Jone Wesele
Paden Collard
Marcos Jimenez	Cloverdale  B	1:46.90	7
Scotty Dolan
Jacob-Rennia Worthy Gutierrez
Trevor Mendenhall
Thomas Mitten	RV Christian A	1:46.91	8
Adrian Hanson
Casey Ross
Jeremy Sherman
Everett Teran	Sonoma Academy A	1:46.99	9
Samuel Mayer
Jared Dolittle
George Grant
Ryan Duffy	Cardinal Newman B	1:47.93	10
Juan Patino
Ethan Higgins
Draven Boyd
Levi Nyberg	Fortuna  A	1:49.76	11
Evan Haut
Jared Maestri
Akash Babu
Daniel Lubliner	Casa Grande C	1:49.88	12
Montgomery B	1:50.79	13
Ryan Nutt
Josef Dethlefsen
Randy Clay
Marcus Paulson	Santa Rosa B	1:52.51	14
Christopher Lopez
Miguel Gonzalez-Baltazar
Cristian Eufracio
Tanner Wanke	Cloverdale  A	1:53.02	15
Henry Kullberg
Caelen Streeter
Brenden Streeter
Tristan Archer	Technology  A	1:55.89	16
Travis McNulty
Kenny Moreno
Jonathan Stringer-Stein
Rory Bourdage	Santa Rosa C	1:56.04	17
Uly Olney
Richard Salvador
Edgar Ortiz
Logan Vallery	Healdsburg A	1:57.22	18
Kai Xue
Simon Holin
Tobias Humphreys
Rithik Ranadive	Casa Grande D	2:00.67	19
Jasper Cauckwell
Kody Smith
Daniel Lieben
Thomas Thies	Ukiah  A	2:01.53	20

Samuel Davison	Cardinal Newman	131-07	1, Prep best
Brian Day	Montgomery	125-11	2
Avery Ransome	El Molino 	125-07	3
Melchor Alonso	Cloverdale 	117-10	4
Carmelo Salas	El Molino 	117-06	5
Kalathan Laiwa-McKay	Ukiah 	110-04	6
Alexander Azanon Casa Grande	105-10	7
Austin Kelsey	El Molino 	105-04	8
Logan Glascock	Santa Rosa	103-02	9
Jacob Meininger	Casa Grande	102-04	10
Torron Henderson Ukiah 	        101-00	11
Benjamin Castro	Piner 	        99-00	12
Jack Foley	Santa Rosa	98-00	13
Matthew Hart	Casa Grande	97-09	14
Brandon Cobb	Santa Rosa	96-01	15
Cooper Bennett	El Molino 	87-11	16
Ricardo Urais III Montgomery	86-10	17
Logan Kraemer	Ukiah 	        86-03	18
Carter Proaps	RV Christian	85-11	19
Jacob Martens	RV Christian	82-03	20
Allen Gray	RV Christian	79-10	21
Bryan Murcia	Rancho Cotate 	79-10	22
Austin Vaccaro	Montgomery	78-07	23
Matthew Pires	Cardinal Newman	77-05	24
Liam Galbreath	Casa Grande	77-04	25
Avery Romon	RV Christian	74-07	26
Michael Bevilacqua Cardinal Newman 73-02	27
Kevin Ruiz	Piner 	        73-02	28
Jesse Graves	Healdsburg	71-10	29
Matthew Salyers	Petaluma 	71-09	30
James Post	Santa Rosa	71-07	31
James Mackey	Montgomery	71-04	32
Dominic Hiltebrand Montgomery	69-08	33
Max Brinegar	Sonoma Academy	69-03	34
D.J. Ramalia	El Molino 	67-08	35
Ethan Kofahl	Santa Rosa	67-02	36
Hector Vega	Cardinal Newman	66-01	37
Brent Lindberg	Healdsburg	66-00	38
Darren Neidlinger Casa Grande	65-10	39
Ivan Madriz	Piner 	        65-10	40
Tyler Klaus	El Molino 	65-07	41
Matthew Bockon	Montgomery	62-09	42
Conner Gloster	Casa Grande	62-09	43
Jaden Erlendson-Gray Santa Rosa	61-04	44
Jack Santos	Petaluma 	61-01	45
Kyle Molder	RV Christian	60-08	46
Payton Stewart	Cardinal Newman	60-02	47
Luis Pesqueda	Cloverdale 	59-05	48
Tristan Archer	Technology 	58-03	49
Camden Weaver	Cardinal Newman	57-10	50
Michael Pichardo Petaluma 	54-10	51
Luis Lozano	Petaluma 	54-10	52
Anthony Costamagna Santa Rosa	54-04	53
Colman Hayes	El Molino 	50-07	54
Jace Filippetti	Montgomery	50-04	55
Cody Brooke	El Molino 	50-04	56
Kobe Him	Santa Rosa	43-07	57
Eduardo Alcantar Piner 	        43-07	58
Peter Duarte	Santa Rosa	32-10	59

High Jump
Jacob Williams	        Montgomery	6-02.00	1, NBL leader
Gavin Christy	        Cardinal Newman	5-10.00	3
Jacob-Rennia Worthy Gutierrez RV Christ 5-06.00	4
Trevor Mendenhall	RV Christian	5-06.00	5
Landon Bienas	        El Molino 	5-06.00	6, SCL leader
Ross Sceales	        Cloverdale 	5-06.00	7
Christopher Dolcini	Casa Grande	5-04.00	8
Chris Holland	        Santa Rosa	5-02.00	10
Gibran Hassan	        Sonoma Academy	5-02.00	11
Gianni Johnson	        Petaluma 	5-02.00	12
Remington Gack	        Santa Rosa	5-00.00	14
Aidan Gilmore	        Petaluma 	5-00.00	15
Jackson Dunkle	        El Molino 	4-08.00	19

Long Jump
Casey McLaughlin	Windsor 	19-10.00	2, NBL leader
JT Luis	                Rancho Cotate 	19-06.50	3
Trevien Prince	        Santa Rosa	18-11.00	4
Connor Shaw	        Fortuna 	18-09.25	5
Jackson Pavitt	        Cardinal Newman	18-08.50	6
Vu Ngo	                Piner 	        18-06.75	7
Giovanni Yepez	        Montgomery	18-03.25	8
Levi Nyberg	        Fortuna 	18-03.75	9
Reanne Ball	        Piner 	        18-02.50	10
Bo Cox	                Fortuna 	17-09.50	12
Anthony Moeckel	        Petaluma 	17-09.75	13
Draven Boyd	        Fortuna 	17-08.50	14
Kyle Uber	        Casa Grande	17-07.00	15
Jose Padilla	        El Molino 	17-05.25	16
Martin Payne	        Casa Grande	17-04.25	17
Andrew Liput	        El Molino 	17-04.50	18
Landon Bienas	        El Molino 	17-04.50	19
Paris Morgain	        San Marin	17-02.00	20
Kyle Molder	        RV Christian	17-02.00	21, CMC leader
Robert Laube	        Rancho Cotate 	17-01.25	23
Robert Bailey	        Santa Rosa	17-00.50	24
Kevin Ainlay	        Piner 	        17-00.25	25
Luke Ronshausen	        Petaluma 	16-10.50	27
Everett Teran	        Sonoma Academy	16-09.50	28
James Reagan	        Rancho Cotate 	16-08.25	29
Casey Ross	        Sonoma Academy	16-08.00	30
Tyler Hawkins	        RV Christian	16-06.75	31
Nicolas Pagan	        Windsor 	16-06.50	32
Jasper Cauckwell	Ukiah 	        16-06.50	33
Scotty Dolan	        RV Christian	16-05.00	34
Cyrus Hernandez	        Rancho Cotate 	16-04.25	35
David O'Sullivan	Santa Rosa	16-04.50	36
Nathan Cook	        Santa Rosa	16-03.75	37
Gianni Johnson	        Petaluma 	16-01.75	39
Cale Hawkins	        RV Christian	16-00.75	40
Caden Shirk	        Petaluma 	15-05.75	41
Javier Ruelas	        Piner 	        15-04.00	42
Jackson Dunkle	        El Molino 	15-04.25	43
Theo Pologeorgis	Petaluma 	15-03.75	45
Ricardo Anorga	        Piner 	        15-02.25	46
Jake Peck	        Montgomery	14-11.00	48
Sindre Fredheim	        Ukiah 	        14-10.75	49
Kaden Smith	        Ukiah 	        14-08.75	50
Orion Dowdall	        Montgomery	14-07.75	52
Soul Berna	        El Molino 	14-07.25	53
Gage Anderson	        El Molino 	14-03.75	54
Hayden Dalsing	        Montgomery	13-08.50	55
Travis McNulty	        Santa Rosa	13-08.50	56
Kibby Tesfamichael	Montgomery	13-03.25	57
Joshua Kozlowski	Montgomery	13-02.50	58
Gerardo Heriberto-Garcia-Her Montgomery	12-06.75	59
Elijah Harp	        El Molino 	12-00.00	60

Pole Vault
Kael Seaver	Petaluma 	10-06.00	1, SCL leader
Kody Smith	Ukiah 	         9-06.00	2
Andrew Liput	El Molino 	 9-00.00	3
Hunter Wagner	Montgomery	NH	

Shot Put
Kalathan Laiwa-McKay Ukiah 	42-09.00	1, Prep best
Austin Kelsey	El Molino 	41-04.00	3
Matthew Hart	Casa Grande	40-10.00	4
Melchor Alonso	Cloverdale 	40-09.50	5, CMC leader
Avery Ransome	El Molino 	39-11.50	6
Alexander Azanon Casa Grande	38-10.00	7
Kyle Molder	RV Christian	36-09.00	8
Carmelo Salas	El Molino 	36-01.50	9
Austin Vaccaro	Montgomery	35-08.50	10
Torron Henderson Ukiah 	        34-06.50	11
Hector Vega	Cardinal Newman	33-08.00	12
Brian Day	Montgomery	33-06.50	13
Camden Weaver	Cardinal Newman	33-01.50	14
Bryan Murcia	Rancho Cotate 	33-00.50	15
Jacob Meininger	Casa Grande	32-03.50	16
Kevin Ruiz	Piner 	        32-00.00	17
Luis Pesqueda	Cloverdale 	31-11.00	18
Brandon Cobb	Santa Rosa	31-04.50	19
Cody Brooke	El Molino 	31-04.00	20
Charles Fisher	Montgomery	31-03.00	21
Carter Proaps	RV Christian	31-01.00	22
Dominic Hiltebrand Montgomery	30-09.00	23
Colman Hayes	El Molino 	30-03.00	24
Robbie Leng	RV Christian	29-11.50	25
Logan Glascock	Santa Rosa	29-07.00	26
Logan Kraemer	Ukiah 	        29-06.50	27
Quaid Bulloch	Healdsburg	29-05.50	28
Anthony Vitali	Petaluma 	29-05.00	29
Samuel Davison	Cardinal Newman	29-04.50	30
Allen Gray	RV Christian	29-03.00	31
Jack Santos	Petaluma 	29-03.00	32
Lucca Psaila	San Marin	29-01.00	33
Avery Romon	RV Christian	28-07.50	34
Ivan Madriz	Piner 	        28-07.00	35
Jaden Erlendson-Gray Santa Rosa	28-02.50	37
James Mackey	Montgomery	27-05.00	38
Jesse Graves	Healdsburg	27-00.00	39
Brent Lindberg	Healdsburg	26-08.50	40
Matthew Pires	Cardinal Newman	26-05.00	41
Jace Filippetti	Montgomery	26-04.50	42
Cooper Bennett	El Molino 	26-01.50	43
D.J. Ramalia	El Molino 	24-10.50	44
Matthew Bockon	Montgomery	24-09.00	45
Jacob Martens	RV Christian	24-07.50	46
Michael Bevilacqua Cardinal Newman 24-03.00	47
Alex Fish-O\'Brien Healdsburg	24-01.00	48
Benjamin Castro	Piner 	        23-02.00	49
Max Brinegar	Sonoma Academy	22-11.50	50
Payton Stewart	Cardinal Newman	22-10.00	51
Tyler Klaus	El Molino 	22-10.00	52
Andy Villforte	unattached	20-09.00	53
John Dow	Healdsburg	19-11.00	55
Eduardo Alcantar	Piner 	18-00.50	56

Triple Jump
Reanne Ball	Piner 	        40-08.50	1, Prep best
Casey McLaughlin Windsor 	39-09.00	2
Vu Ngo	        Piner 	        38-03.25	3
Quaid Bulloch	Healdsburg	37-07.75	4
Kyle Uber	Casa Grande	37-05.00	5
Andrew Liput	El Molino 	37-03.00	6
Remington Gack	Santa Rosa	36-11.00	7
T.J. Prescott	Santa Rosa	36-00.75	8
Landon Bienas	El Molino 	34-06.00	9
Robert Laube	Rancho Cotate 	34-03.00	10
Martin Payne	Casa Grande	33-04.50	11
Soul Berna	El Molino 	32-07.50	12
Jackson Dunkle	El Molino 	32-00.75	13
Theo Pologeorgis Petaluma 	31-09.25	14
Kyle Molder	RV Christian	31-05.00	15, CMC leader
Jake Peck	Montgomery	31-00.00	16
Orion Dowdall	Montgomery	30-10.00	17
Aaron Rivas	Santa Rosa	28-07.00	18

2/17 Berkeley All-Comers: Tischbern 49.00/21.94

Complete Results
Did I miss anyone? [email protected]

Montgomery’s Jaymes Tischbern showed end of the season times at the Berkeley All-Comers 2/17.
His 400 meter time of 49.00 smoked the field by over 2.5 seconds, took down the Viking school record of 49.75 by Dave Rodriquez from 1979, and moved him to 11th All-Time. Watch the race here, Jaymes lane 5.

His 200 meter time of 21.94 into a -1.0 head wind has only been bettered in wind legal times by himself and two others EVER.
21.61 -1.4 Corey Nelson, Rancho Cotate 5/26/95
21.74 +1.2 Jaymes Tischbern, Montgomery 6/2/17
21.85 +1.3 Hugh Pegan, Ukiah 6/6/14

Jaymes Tischbern, 12, Montgomery
400 49.00
200 21.94 -1.0

Charles Fisher, Montgomery
400 58.87
300h 51.41

Kheva Mann, 12, Sonoma Academy 2:00.14, Prep best

Andre Williams, 11, Sonoma Academy 9:40.62, Prep best

Cooper Plattus, 11, Maria Carrillo 12-5.5, Prep best

Amy Stanfield, 12, Sonoma Valley 67.64

Mariah Briceno, 10, Montgomery 2:34.23

Savannah Nied, 12, Maria Carrillo 10-0, Prep best
Erika Gilmore, 11, Petaluma 9-0.25

Edwin Irizarry Open Men (19- +)(14-05.25)
Danielle Steffen Open Women (19- +)(10-11.75)

Azure Sirocco, 11, Sonoma Academy 15-2.25

Bob Shor, creating a void in Redwood Empire Running that can not be replaced

Photo by Michael Lucid

Word is spreading quickly that long time starter and Track supporter Bob Shor has passed away after his battle against cancer.
I have been involved with running around here since the 70’s and have seen so many changes; from the addition of girls, to the switch to meters, and so many involved come and go but one of the constants all these years was Bob Shor. He was as dedicated a volunteer to youth running as anyone has ever been. To say he will be missed does not come close to describing the hole he will leave. If I was ever hit with a track question I could not answer Bob was usually the first person I would go to.

If you have something you would like to add sent it to me at [email protected]

Bob’s Kathy Van Riper Inspiration Award 2011

Here are a few words from around the area.
I will keep what Val wrote at the top and add the newest comments below her’s if you want to keep checking back.

By Beverley Zanetti

From Val Sell
This is the tribute that I made on behalf of the Empire Runners in June.

On behalf of the Empire Runners we would like to welcome you to the “Bob Shor Summer Track Series”.

Bob Shor can be described as nothing less than the foundation of youth running in Sonoma County. By youth I mean anyone under the age of 90.
Bob first came onto the running scene back in the 80’s coaching for the Santa Rosa Express youth running club. During the Track season he could be found teaching the kids multiple events and encouraging them to enjoy the sport through team building and competition. During the Cross Country season he was often found riding his bike alongside the kids who routinely made their home base at Howarth Park and the trails of Spring Lake.

Through the Santa Rosa Express Bob coached many of the local standouts that continued on through High School, College and professional sport. Some of the few but not limited to, were, Julia Stamps, Trina Cox, Kim Conley, Jacque Taylor and countless others.

For many years Bob worked with Doug Courtemarche at SRHS to help further develop many fine athletes. During his free time, he could be found on the start line at numerous track and cross country meets throughout California and beyond. Everyone wanted a piece of Bob.
Alongside this, he has become our local favorite starter. « Shooter Bob » as he is known has grown to be a hometown hero of sorts. The stories from kids and adults alike are many, often of the hard knocked guy with stern rules who manages to put on the most efficient and organized races. As a coach it is always the same story, the kids who have grown up under Bob’s gun return as adults with words expressing gratitude and affection. There is no doubt that you are loved. The lessons that you teach our youth are a dying breed and those kids have been rewarded and will hopefully carry on the torch.

It is our pleasure to dedicate this series in your name.

From Greg Fogg
Bob Shor was the true monarch of running for the Redwood Empire. He brought legitimacy to every event; when Bob was there, you knew it was going to be done right. I had the pleasure of knowing both the gruff side of Bob and the soft side (rarely exposed) of his personality. As an official, often his responsibilities were thankless and you might have only noticed him if there was a controversy, or he was “encouraging” an athlete to stop moving in their blocks, or to “stop talking” at the starting line while he was giving instructions. The difference often, was not very obvious; Bob cared and he cared deeply about our sport AND about the kids competing. Bob will remain the benchmark for others to inspire to, he demonstrated the highest level of commitment to his responsibilities I’ve ever witnessed and all he ever asked for, was to be reimbursed for this starting gun shells. …Now that’s a selfless act of dedication you just don’t see anymore! I hope everyone can reflect back on their own relationship with Bob through the lens of his softer side, so it makes you smile. …And from his gruff side, let’s all be thankful, appreciative and hold him high in our memories for his unparalleled level of dedication and commitment to our sport and helping to bring the experience of running/competing to thousands of our young running athletes over the years. Bob cannot be replaced and his presence will be sorely missed, but let your memory of Bob inspire all of us to give more and care more. -RIP Mr. Bob Shor

From Danny Aldridge

Bob was one on a kind! He was such a wonderful ambassador to the local running community. He loved being a part of our sport from youth to adults. One of the many things I loved about Bob was his true honesty, he was a straight shooter and always told it like it was The east coast in him served him well.
I’m proud to have been able to coach with him during our Santa Rosa Express days. Getting to know him touched my life for the better. God Bless you Bob!

From Bruce Hotaling
So sorry to hear. Loved it when he’d call all the “pony-tails” up to the starting line using his speaker. Quite a character. On the rare occasions he ran the vault he always did a great job

From Chris Puppione
My Reflection on the Passing of Bob Shor

I have enjoyed a pretty blessed existence, in that much of my life has remained steady despite my occasionally turbulent tendencies.

Perhaps that’s why I felt an odd connection to Bob Shor across the last 20 years. He was always there, and he knew what it meant to be an explosive personality, yet truly gentle at the core.

Bob was nothing if not furiously dedicated, and I understood that. I also understood what that kind of commitment can do to a man.

It can make you appear strict. It can make you appear compulsive. It can make you appear inflexible.

Truthfully, however, that kind of dedication–which is truly devotion–is so striking, many do not know how to respond–not even the man from whom it emanates. Bob was indeed complex, but his mission–his vocation–was quite simple. He was a man who believed he was here to serve others, and there is no greater calling than that.

Over the years, I came to see Bob for all of his immensity. Make no mistake, despite the slight frame, we all recognized him as a large man. We were not so much with him, as we were among him. He commanded that much space, and he deserved it–because space is given with an air of respect.

And while many of us witnessed his fire in many public moments of “educating” an athlete who may have taken a misstep, I do hope people watched more closely between the races, during the staging, in practice sessions, and away from the starter’s perch.

Did you ever have Bob whisper you an encouraging word when he knew you needed it most? Were you that first-time youth runner who needed track to be your safe place? Or that foolhardy young coach who thought he’d seen it all only to have reality drop on your head like a 16-pound shot?

Yeah, I was the last one.

I had the chance to watch Bob interact with the kids of Santa Rosa Express and other youth clubs at USATF meets, and I can tell you, he was like a grandfather to all. When I heard of his passing, I did a search on social media of his name to see how far the news had reached, and even the NCS great Aisha Margain–from the East Bay–posted a noted about how much she adored Bob Shor.

Look, make no mistake, Bob was tough, but its a tough that was rare and a tough that we will miss. Despite all the gruffness, he was the one my boys at Cardinal Newman lovingly memorialized for eternity with their epic “A Day in the Life of Bob Shor” sketches on our van rides home from meets.

He was a local running icon–and that is undeniable.

In the last few years, I would take some time at each meet Bob was starting to visit with him. As I said, I felt a kinship there. He knew I was a pretty excitable guy as well–believe me. But we both loved our sport, and we loved it because of what it does for the kids we served.

No one has served those kids better than Bob Shor, and I guess I just wanted a little of that magic to rub off on me. And I believe some of it did.

Bob had an incredible speech he would give before most races, and generations of kids have internalized it, I am sure. The part that lingers with me now is just a snippet from his well-rehearsed monologue. It was when he was reminding the athletes that he would not fire the gun until they were all perfectly still.

“…not JUST you, but EVERYBODY…”

It is interesting how that phrase strikes me now. Perhaps sentimentality is luring me toward a different understanding, but it does strike me as something that is very central to the sport of running–and that is community.

It is not JUST about you, even though running can be regarded as an individual sport. You can run on your own, but it is more enjoyable with EVERYBODY there with you.

Bob has always been there for you. He has always been there for EVERYBODY.

So when the kids stand behind their blocks, or take two steps back from the line, we will respect the space that is created there. We will know that this empty space is where Bob would be, giving his final instructions before the kids take another shot at discovering just how great they can truly be.

Godspeed, Bob.

By Tom Benjamin

From Tom Benjamin
The Gun maybe silenced, but my memories will never leave.

I only knew Bob for a very short 7 years but it could have been 70 for the lasting impression he made on me.

I think I’ll miss most those 2 hours before the first race, ‘that quiet time’ when I would sometimes help him haul everything out of the old truck and always have a warm fascinating discussion of questions I had regarding runners and races of the present but mostly of the past. In those quiet times I got to see how deeply he cared about the kids and the sport. Many might have just seen the gruff – take charge – Official on the Starting Line, but they would hardly be scratching the surface ……….

It’s fitting that Bob’s shirt in this Photo says so much more than I can. His Volunteering efforts were the very backbone of not just the Empire Area running but the whole Bay Area.

I will dearly miss Bob and our many pre-race chats, I really grew to love and respect this guy.

From Steve Palladino
I am deeply saddened on learning of the passing of a community icon, Bob Shor.

Bob no doubt touched hundreds of thousands of lives in a positive way. Those that know Bob know that he had incredible heart, and love for the sport and those that participated in it. Our family will forever be grateful for his support for for our daughter Shannon (both pictured above), and always will carry his memory in our hearts.

From Doug Courtemarche
A long and dear friend of mine and Santa Rosa High School Track and Cross Country passed away this morning. Bob Shor was part of Santa Rosa High for around 20 years. He was a coach and starter for our meets. Bob and I worked together for over 30 years with the Santa Rosa Express Youth club and the high school. Bob voluntarily offered his numerous services to any group that he could accommodate. Bob started meets allover the country and never sought compensation. He freely gave his time and expertise whenever he could. Bob was truly a legend not only in Sonoma County but throughout Northern California and In Youth track nationally. Bob was an active member of the Empire Runners of Sonoma County.
I met with his wife and daughter this morning and they are both doing fine. Bob suffered from multiple forms of cancer for the past year. There will be some sort of service in the early fall.
You will be missed, Bob. Happy starting in Heaven.

From Melody Karpinsk
The most memorable thing about Bob to me will always be the announcement he used to sternly make before races across the loudspeaker stating “NO JEWELRY.” When I was a freshman running my first season of XC, I would always rub my hands at the starting line to make sure I had removed all of my rings lest I be subject to his legendary wrath which would descend on any flighty kids not paying attention to the rules.

His “NO JEWELRY” speech was so legendary, my xc team in high school enjoyed creating new and snarky additions to it during our long runs in Annadel. It even caused an episode during a tempo run at Spring Lake where our entire varsity boys team jumped out at the varsity girls team screaming “NO JEWELRY” at the top of their lungs. It was significantly more funny and frightening than the time they pretended to be mountain lions (despite all of those shenanigans they still managed to make it to State that year). Now coaching high school, I feel like my athletes have never received the full Bob Shor experience since the “NO JEWELRY” rule changed years ago and the speech went out the door with it.

But his bark was always worse than his bite and he trained legions of young athletes to be prepared for the next level of competition. His kind and generous heart inspired hundreds, if not thousands.

When I began my first season as a head coach at Montgomery last year, he kindly took me aside after my first stint as meet director for the Viking Opener. He immediately told me what a good job I had done, and then he listed five things I could to make the meet better the next time in one of the kindest and gentlest tones I’ve ever heard him use.

His stamp of approval will forever be priceless to me, since 2016 ended up being his last Viking Opener – a meet he had served as the starter and official at for over 25 years.

I attended a USATF coaching clinic earlier this year where he received a lifetime achievement award. He was not well enough to attend, but it was a privilege to hear some of the tributes presented at the event.

This summer, Montgomery hosted the Empire Runners Club Summer Track Meet Series. Bob came out one last time in his wheelchair. He told me – “It’s so good to be out on a track again!” We celebrated him together as a community that day renaming the summer series after him. That was the last time I saw him.

I will always remember him high atop his starter’s ladder, gun poised in the air, flag lifted high. When the gun goes off, he will climb down slowly and prepare for the next heat.

Rest in peace, Bob. I know you will love all the track meets in heaven

By Michael Lucid

From Jacque Taylor
I feel completely heart broken from this news. I feel so lucky to have known Bob Shor-he was the best coach I ever had. He is the reason why I am coaching. For years, we travelled all over the country together, ran track workouts and told stories. You had a huge impact on my running career and who I am as a person, I could only hope to do the same with my athletes. You were a great friend to my family. I think about you most days, especially when I put the 800m kids through one of your workouts…. I’ll miss you, words could never do you justice. I will continue to dream to be half the coach you are to the Empire Running community.

By Michael Lucid

From Carrie Joseph
Bob Shor was an icon, an institution, a legend. He touched 1000s of young athletes’ lives. Gruff yet gentle, he had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to impart. He was a Vietnam Vet from New York City, a 4:20 miler, a great storyteller. Old School all the way, which would cause him some bewilderment as times changed of course. He was especially patient with young kids in SR Express, and I have many fond memories of Bob being surprisingly playful with my own children as they grew up on the track because I towed them there every day.

Despite his health problems the last few years, he never missed a day of practice until this past CC season. One of the hardest core routine skills we do are what we call the “Bob Shor Leg Hovers” — it’s too painful to even describe here, but let’s just say he made it look easy. I know our athletes would sigh with relief when we would travel to a foreign track or CC course and see Bob with the starter pistol — partly because they knew Bob inspired fear in their competitors, but also because they knew the real Bob.

Bob was meticulous about his beloved track, arriving to practice hours early to pull weeds, straighten curbs, and repair equipment. He knew the rule book inside and out. He probably wrote it, actually. 🙂

Thank you, Bob.‎